Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Thoughts

I have more to say about the wonder that was my Team Challenge weekend experience but that last post really took it out of me so I'm going to throw this in between so it's not all tears and love fests up in here. Instead here's some random things...

I registered for my second half marathon today. I don't know why officially registering feels like such a big deal. I've been saying for months if I didn't hate the Napa to Sonoma race I was going to do this one. It's in my hometown, it's the inaugural race by the Brewers, you run on the warning track and training is practically already done (remind me of that mid-August when I'm bitching). Actually registering for it made it real though. I have no idea what happened to me. Apparently everyone was right (much like when I got my first tattoo) this shit is addicting.(Sidenote: I think I'd like to get a tattoo to commemorate me running a half marathon. It's like my addictions are forming a bond to become a super-addiction.)

Once again I found myself really wrapped up in an episode of American Ninja Warrior last night. Ugh, that show just grasps my attention in an instant and I feel devastated for them when the inevitably fall. The suspense is almost too much for me. ALMOST.

My friend Erica said today, "I want my nails to look like yours because they're always perfect." I have very few totally vain moments, but when someone compliments my nails that's one of them. I never used to paint my nails, occasionally I'd get them done. Something happened in the last year or two and I've become obsessed. They're always painted, I've gotten really good at painting them and refresh them every week. I can't stand the look of them unpainted. It's one of the few super girly and totally high maintenance things I've got going for me. So thanks Erica for giving my a totally vain moment this morning. I feel so good about myself :)

I listen to R.Kelly's "Gotham City" (yes from the Batman & Robin soundtrack) a lot. I don't know why I love that song but I really really do. I never get sick of it either. I remember recording it from the radio to my "mix tapes" I made when the song first came out. I've loved it for years. No clue what that means.

Once again this weekend I spent a considerable amount of time with people who used to be complete strangers and thanks to the power of Twitter felt like life long friends. We sat at Renee's housewarming party for almost 6 hours talking about anything from running to the cold war commentary behind Fievel Goes West and it felt comfortable and wonderful. And no one batted an eye when we all responded "Twitter" when asked, "So how do you all know each other?" I love when I find my people.

This weekend I head up north to the magical resort called Silvercryst. Or as I like to call it: Adult Summer Camp. As you may recall from last year, the weekend required for a self-imposed detox when I got back. I feel like I should have been training just as hard for this weekend as I did the half weekend but in totally different ways. I need to be able to hang with much bigger drinkers than myself. Here goes nothing.

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