Thursday, April 12, 2012

Moving On.

So there was a big of a hiatus on the ol' blog here. And there's reason. 99.9% of the time I have words. In almost every situation I have words. Sometimes funny, sometimes emotional. Anyone who knows me can attest rarely does Angie not find words. In fact, if there were a character flaw involved with words, it's likely that on occasion I find too many words. (See: Novel length e-mails I've been known to send and the occasional WAY TOO LONG post on here.) 

I've had a lot of words over the last couple weeks but it was important to me I let those words settle and felt assured that the choice words I used when writing this post were rational. For two reasons, 1) I don't want to burn bridges with my former employer 2) I don't want to sabotage any opportunities with future employers. 

So that leads us to this...I was laid off last week. As my boss put it, my position was "eliminated" and with a quick half hour meeting, I was walking out the door at what was my last (half) day of work. It was abrupt, semi-unexpected and feels like a blur. There were relatively large layoffs at a corporate wide level (relatively large given the size of the organization as a whole, EXTREMELY large given the rare occasion they lay off people at all.) I knew it was coming as of the morning I met with my boss and so there was a little time to prepare. I still cried, because beyond being wordy, that's what I tend to do. 

Now that I've had a little over a week to think of it, here's where I am at. 

While I'm sad I won't be receiving a paycheck in the mail next week, I am not terribly heart broken over losing the position itself. It was, by all intents and purposes, a good job. I liked what I did and I was good at it. I made good money and work came easy to me. I was not passionate about that job. I probably would have stayed it in far longer than I should have because it was comfortable. 

I am excited to see what the universe brings now. And the universe, having given me this little karmic push towards something better, BEST be bringing me something. I have found a solid handful of jobs that are open that I think I'd really enjoy. I'm looking at this as a clean slate to use the skills I've gathered over the last few years and learn more about the areas of my job I had just dabbled into. 

In the mean time I'm practicing being retired. I wake up each morning and apply for jobs, look through postings, fine tune my resume / cover letter. And then the day is my oyster. I'm training for a half marathon and have LOTS of time (and zero opportunity for excuses) to get in my training runs. The animals are pretty thrilled to have me around. I've cleaned out cupboards that have been begging for organization. I've done some little projects around the house. Read some of the books that have been collecting dust. 

Here's the biggest thing I've done while on my temporary retirement, I've learned how incredibly blessed I am. Yes I am sad I lost my job, but that's where the sadness ends. I have been unbelievably overwhelmed at the kindness of people in my life. At the kindness of strangers. My friends and family are amazing, as always and as expected. But people I have just met, friends I have just made, and complete strangers have been supportive, helpful and kind. They've made connections for me, suggested open positions at their companies, offered references, etc. I am beyond thankful and incredibly overjoyed to know that no matter what life hands me I have a support system I can forever rely on. It means more than anyone in that network of people will ever know. 

So onward and upward friends, let's see where the road takes me. 


  1. You will land on your feet. I'm sure of it. Looking forward to lunch on Monday. :)

  2. I teared up reading this! Love you, friend! Can't wait for our carb and wine date. :)

  3. Sorry to read about the job loss. But good for you for staying positive!

  4. I love your positive attitude. That's a tough spot to be in and you managed to turn it into a positive possibility. Keep us updated on how the job search is going!