Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Android vs. iPhone

I recently drank the koolaid and joined the iPhone army. I had been contemplating the jump since Sprint announced they'd be carrying the iPhone but had been hesitant because for the most part I avoid change like the plague. But after I dropped my android for the second time, the cracks to the screen were too much to tolerate. (After the first drop - both times it landed face down - I was able to get used to it, they were small cracks up in the corner and while it looked ghetto, it was still readable and worked so I kept it.) When I took my phone in to be repaired / replaced, I was informed that it would be $50 cheaper to get the iPhone4...So after much back and forth I finally decided to take the plunge. (FYI, because I know you're all dying to know...there was a rather long waiting list for the iPhone 4s and the only thing I dislike more than change is waiting, I couldn't wait around for a new phone. It had to be immediate. Naturally.)

Now that I've had the iphone for a few weeks I feel comfortable enough to make some commentary about the two.

First, the number one thing I miss from my android was a feature in the alarm clock. On the android, when you set an alarm clock and saved it, there was a little banner that popped up that would say, "This alarm will go off in 8 hours and 4 minutes." Occasionally that little notification would stress me out (i.e. any time the number was less than 8 hours. I'd cry a little to myself about how few hours of sleep I was getting.) But for the most part, it saved my life. Or at least my ability to show up at work on time. Because when I accidentally would be setting an alarm for the a.m. or for a Saturday morning, it would say, "This alarm is set to go off in 4 days 8 hours and 24 minutes" and I was able to immediately know, "hey, that's not right!" So while it seemed minor with the android, I learned quickly of it's importance when I accidentally set my iphone alarm for pm and was almost late to work. (Yes, I know, I can just be more careful when setting an alarm. I'm working on that.)

Second, I thought I missed my notification light. Since my 2 versions of Blackberry before the android I've been quite accustomed (read: trained) to having a notification light that told me when anything happened with my phone. Mail, text, phone, etc. I was pretty sad about missing the notification light on the iphone. Until recently I realized how quickly apple has retrained me. Yesterday, while sitting at my desk, I was absolutely annoyed by the notification light blinking on my work blackberry. Touche, apple. You win. I feel much less chained to the blinking light.

Third, one of my favorite things about the iphone (techies be warned, this is NOT something you're going to consider a "big deal") is that my text conversations are grouped, easy to read, and most importantly, all in one bubble. The android only let you text 160 characters per message. This drove me insane. I found myself trying to break up texts so that I wasn't sending a part 2 message that just said, "ing." (Or any other random ending to a message.) This is very pleasing to me that I can be as long winded as necessary and at least on my end, it's all in one bubble.

Finally, I get the "cool" apps. No more 2nd rate substitute for instagram. No more hearing about cool iphone apps only to discover android hasn't gotten it yet. In terms of development, it seems like iphone wins and I can have all the cool apps I want. So there's that.

I still love my android. In fact, it's the first phone I haven't tucked away in a drawer somewhere when its replacement came. I have a bunch of apps my three year old nephew LOVED on there (and that kept him entertained while waiting around anywhere). So I keep it charged and in my purse and when I see him now instead of asking for "Angie's phone" and telling me it's "in Angie's purse" he asks for "Angie's old phone, Joey's Angie's purse." So it lives on. And he's quite happy with it...cracks and all!

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