Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We did it.

I have thought about writing this post since my drive home yesterday and just couldn't figure out how to write it. How to put into words how much fun I had! So after hemming and hawing, I just decided it's going to be a little scatter brained, but we'll just go for it! (It's not like you, my readers, aren't used to that already!)

I left for Minneapolis on Friday morning. There was a happy hour set for 3:00 so I left a little earlier than usual and was on the road by 9. I must have really gotten into the driving zone because I had planned for a 5 1/2 drive and made it there in 4 1/2. So at 1:15 I was driving through St. Paul and well on my way to homecoming weekend! We got changed into our maroon and gold and headed off to campus.

Gina and I kicked off homecoming happy hour with a quesadilla and a beer at Burrito Loco...where I forced the bouncer to check my ID before we made our way upstairs. He looked at me like he didn't know what to do with it...and that was the first time that weekend I felt really old. Brushed it off though, and was quickly reminded why we decided to risk feeling old for a happy hour on campus. It was $1 tap beer, rail drinks and margaritas. ONE DOLLAR...for THREE HOURS. And if you ordered a $4 pitcher of beer, you got free fajitas. It didn't make sense, but that's a hell of a deal. I'm currently contemplating drinking on campuses for the rest of my life because for $15 I was full and drunk. Success.

We moved onto the parade as it turned dark outside. Back in my day, the parade was in the morning before the game. And let me just tell you, that made a ton more sense. Sure kids were up drinking before the sun, but at least you could actually SEE the parade. At night they just put a bunch of spot lights out to light the route but you spent most of the time being blinded by the lights. When I'm not spending the entire parade waiting for "I Get it Daily" t-shirts or free chipotle coupons it's just much less attention grabbing.

Also, the house fronts were WEAK sauce. Though we determined it was probably for safety or budgetary reasons. I mean sure, having drunk frat boys spend a large amount of their house funds on tissue paper they're climbing three stories of scaffolding to place seems a bit ridiculous. But damn it made for some beautiful house fronts back then. (This is probably the 2nd time I felt old as we kept talking about "back in our days.")

After a half hour of the parade I was totally over it. Fortunately I wasn't alone. Sae and I made our way to Stub and Herbs...where it was so hot you were literally inhaling sweat. We made our way out to their sweet new patio (back in my day, they didn't have a patio). Ted met up with us and we had a couple beers before needing to turn in for the night as an early morning of tailgating was soon to be upon us.

Observations from Friday:
  • I now know how I was able to survive on so little money in college, things are cheap. SO cheap. Drinking is cheap, eating is cheap. It's all very cheap. I might just move to a college campus.
  • I have the world's best friends. The number of offers I had for living in basements / guest bedrooms / couches if I move up there brought a big smile to my heart.
  • There's a TON of new stuff on campus, including a Qdoba (are U students still more faithful to Chipotle?), a Buffalo Wild Wings (so wait, they just get to walk to Bdubs instead of driving miles away to pick up orders?!) and multiple luxury apartment complexes (since when is anything in college described as luxury?)
  • We all agreed if there was a way to go back to college for just one week we could die of happiness. Fact: life is easier. We witnessed it a few times.
  • I am already feeling like a too old alumni to be around the frats on campus, but there are some REALLY old men who LOVE hanging out there during homecoming. Related: STOP oggling young co-eds. You're gross.
  • Somehow a magnetic force keeps pulling me back to the Faue Family Farm and I'm very comfortable with this force.
Okay, because this is already getting long, I'm breaking up the homecoming recaps. Come back for tomorrow's recap of my very first LEGIT gopher tailgating experience (the non-campus Metrodome experiences just don't count.)

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