Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There are no cohesive thoughts here.

I've known I needed to blog for a while now and every time I thought about what I was going to blog about it ended in me likely getting fired. So I've just been waiting it out until I could write something respectful and not lose my job.

Also - I went to the dentist yesterday to have not one but TWO cavities filled. It was not nearly as bad as I had thought it would be...totally psyched myself up. Either that, or, the combination of nitrous oxide and my ipod on a very high volume is enough to make me so relaxed I don't care what happens to my teeth or what terrible noise the drill is making. (It's likely the latter of the two.)

My favorite project that I work on each year, the BEST part of my job, the event we spend hours and hours and hours planning has been cancelled. It was a decision made by management. I don't like it. That's as much as I'll say in order to best not get fired. I have spent the last week at work dealing with the aftermath. It has been awesome (sense the tone.)

However...IT'S ALMOST HOMECOMING WEEKEND!! It is my light at the end of the tunnel. If I can truck on through to 5:00 on Thursday my reward is Homecoming. Come 3:00 on Friday afternoon I'll be all happy hours and parades and tailgating. I can spend copious amounts of time on the campus I love so dearly without being considered a creepy old alumni! I can eat Burrito Loco and Chipotle all in one weekend because TRADITION says I should. I love homecoming like I love Christmas. It's an all encompassing passion for a day full of all things wonderful. I have so much damn maroon and gold set out for the suitcase. EXCEPT, for the GREEN and gold I have set out for Sunday.

Clearly, because Clay Matthews does in fact want to accept my proposal to be my husband, he talked to the powers that be and made sure to schedule the game against Minnesota that takes place IN Minnesota the one weekend he knew his future wife would be there. So Sunday afternoon I'm trading maroon for green and will cheer on my future husband and his teammates (including Amy's future husband) as they take on the Vikings.

And, because I have found even more ways to make this weekend awesome, I have taken Monday off of work so I can leave as I choose on Monday morning and meander back to WI.

Only about 62 hours until it's go time!

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