Monday, September 12, 2011

Updating with no real update.

It was brought to my attention by my self-proclaimed biggest fan, that if I don't provide an update today it will be a full week without any new posts. This is the double edged sword of posting a lot, the fans start to expect it! (That's right, the fans.)

However, I suppose the reason I haven't posted much is because there isn't much to post. Lately when people have been asking for an "update" on my life, I just keep saying, "It's the same really." or "I've got nothing." I really don't. Things are pretty stable around here with very little changing. And I'm kind of okay with that! I've been mentioning that as we ease into Fall I'm planning on pumping the brakes a little bit and slowing things down and I guess I've begun to do that.

Dating is still pretty much the bane of my existence. The men I've met are continuing to bore me. I'm sorry, I know it sounds harsh and it's probably a smidge mean. But really, I'm bored. I'm so not feeling wowed. For a fleeting moment, I thought maybe I could possibly be intrigued. Then I felt like I was kissing my brother. So that fizzled. That seems to be how this "dating" this is going right now. Which I'm pretty okay with. Oddly enough, a co-worker and my best friend both sent me different quotes / mantras they found that both had almost the exact same quote in it...

"Stop looking for love. Instead, do what you love and he'll be there waiting."

So I'm kind of adopting that as my mantra, and I'm good with it. Not to mention, I just feel like I've been seeing a lot of not so great relationships around me. People who are generally just unhappy (and maybe can't even see it, but it's clear to the rest of us) and it's just not doing much to make the grass look all that greener. Instead I'm finding ways to make me the happiest me I can be on my own. So no matter what, with or without a man, I'm happy as hell. (It's working case you were wondering.)

And for one other update (because really, working out and dating are the only two variables right now!), my ultimatum workout plan. Good news! We are one week further with no threat running!

Last week got a little too close for comfort though! Allergies wreaked havoc on me and my sinuses and my ability to stay awake. Which led to cramming in all 4 workouts in the last 4 days of my week!

Monday-Wednesday: NADA
Thursday: I literally dragged my butt out of bed from a nap to walk. Hated every minute of it, but I did it.
Friday: Spin over lunch, felt great!
Saturday: Long walk with the pup (in which she gave up half way and I almost had to carry all 20 pounds of her was hotter than I thought out. And like me, she doesn't do heat well.)
Sunday: morning Spin class (I almost slept through it and in the last minute I jumped out of bed, changed, brushed my teeth and hauled ass to the gym. I made it and was beaming on my walk out. )

This week looks like this:
Monday: Rest day (4 days in a row warrants one day off, I'd say. Even if it was self inflicted).
Tuesday: Yoga over lunch
Wednesday: Lower Bodyworks over Lunch
Thursday: Possible walk after work / Rest Day
Friday: Spin over lunch
Saturday / Sunday: Bodyworks or Spin (depending on how the wknd plays out).

Also - little disclaimer: Sorry if this whole workout update is boring for any of my "fans", but it does help me feel more accountable. Even if it is just to my internet "friends". And lord knows, I need accountability. I mean I'm threatening myself to work out?!

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