Monday, September 26, 2011

This is for Kelly C.

I got to attend a wedding of one of my sorority sisters this past weekend. These are some of my very favorite events ever. I LOVE a reason to get together with all of my friends from college and when the reason is seeing a friend get married, well that's just like killing two birds with one stone!

So a few things first, this post is for Kelly C because she pretty much made my day / night by informing me she reads and loves this blog. Seriously, when I write posts I really feel like I'm writing them for maybe 3 people (my mom is one of 'em) so when I find out people actually read it, I'm beaming. AND, it gives me pressure to be even more entertaining. So I'll give it a go. But because there's just so much to cover, I'm going with some bullets.

  • This whole weekend "started" on Tuesday when I found a great dress that I loved, that was a size smaller than I usually wear and that was marked down by $100. This NEVER happens.
  • The drive up to Green Bay took a half hour less than I figured it would.
  • I used THREE things I found on pinterest (2 of my gifts and my hairstyle were found via pinterest.)
  • A situation that I thought had potential to be awkward, was pretty much anything but.
  • Kelly's husband was the best mid-wedding mediator I've ever met. (Updated to account for cool factor: Kelly's husband, who is single handedly bringing suspenders back to men's fashion, much to Gina's liking. Kelly's husband who, pending results of certain events may or may not be an official Rock Star from Mars.)
  • Instead of feeling all "Boo, I'm at a wedding with all my non-single friends" I hardly even noticed it, enjoyed the hell out of not having to babysit someone.
  • Watched Gina go from not drinking for a month to enjoying a drink made with 151...given to her by her husband.
  • Taking the best photo booth pictures I've ever seen taken with Gina, Tori, and Nila
  • Getting to see people like Kelly and Nila and all the other "younger" Alpha Chi's I haven't seen in so long.
  • Having Ben ask me for my mom's phone number at the bar...and not hesitating for a second to give it to him. (Also, watching everyone in the vicinity's faces when this happened.)
  • The fact that when we're all together and drinking, my friends want to call my mom..this makes me happy.
  • I got to do the cupid shuffle (which automatically makes it a good day), slow dance, seriously get down with some of my best friends.
  • Making it to almost the very end of the wedding, going back to the hotel, slipping into some of the most comfortable sweats I've ever worn and placing not one, but two orders for pizza at 2:00 a.m.
  • Waiting for said pizza on the couch in the lobby of the hotel in my pj's w/ Ben having a deep conversation (that neither of us exactly recall) like we were in our living room.
  • Watching Kelly arise from slumber to the announcement that wings had arrived, and plopping down right in front of them, and going to town on that order.
  • Sukie sleep talking about sweet potatoes and Kevin inviting me over to hear it.
  • Giggling like crazy the next morning at Perkin's as we recapped parts of the night.
Finally, (this one couldn't be just a bullet), I am having a little bit of regret this morning. See, yesterday as we all enjoyed some food from the continental breakfast we saw a man come down with a lunchbox. He took all the fruit from the buffet as well as about 6 boxes of cereal. (All while"minding his business" as he informed us). I laughed and mocked a bit with the rest of the table. That is until this morning, when I woke up and realized I have NO FOOD here and thought to myself, "Damn, I bet that man is enjoying a nice breakfast of cereal and fruit right now!"


  1. Best part of my weekend was receiving said phone call from Ben Saturday night. I think I love your college friends as much as you do!!


  2. That's fair, because I think my college friends might love you as much as they love me.