Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Revelation: Part Duh

Give yourself 5 cool points if you know "Part Duh".

Now moving on to the second revelation I've had. Actually, pause right there for a second. Because in the midst of these posts I've had a mini-revelation. That being, I had no idea how to spell revelation, and apparently my fingers disagree with the spell check and keep wanting to spell it "revalation." So there's that.

Moving right along...

Part duh of this revealing process is more me focused than the first. I looked around and found all the reasons people are in relationships. There's a shitload of reasons, naturally, but let's hone in on a few, shall we? Happiness, friendship, comfort, support, and an overall enhanced life. Yes? And while I know someday I'll find some one who I'll have a eleventy billion reasons to be with too. However, I don't have to rely on someone for those things. I can have all those things without being in a relationship. (I know what you're thinking, DUH.) But stick with me.

Happiness? Check. I'm pretty damn happy 99.9% of the time. In general, I'm just a happy person.

Friendship? Have I not mentioned here, on twitter, on the book, in real life, via conversations, I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for? That they're scattered all over this great land and I get to see them and talk to them all the time? Let's call this a big, fat CHECK.

Comfort? Sure, there are times when I'm home alone and there's a spider when I am not comfortable. Or I hear a scary noise when it's very, very dark in the house and I wish I had someone else there with me. But overall, I am, and am getting, quite comfortable with life as it is now.

Support? See "friendship." Oh, and check.

I have those things in my life and I am working on improving them every single day. When I meet "him" in the future, I want him to have those things too. I want "us" to enhance each others' happiness, support network, friends, and comfort. I would be pretty turned off by someone who was waiting around for me to make them happy, give them friends, or be their sole support...so I can't (and won't) expect that out of anyone else.

I might not be actively seeking dates via online dating. But what I am doing is making me the best me I can be. The happiest, healthiest, most wonderful version of Angie I can be on my own. So that when I meet "him" he can enhance instead of having to define me. And by doing so, I think I'll attract people of the same mindset.

So I guess we're full circle, back to do what you love and he'll be waiting.

Here I go!

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