Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday Fake-out.

So while today is actually Tuesday, because of the holiday it still feels like a Monday. And because of that, I haven't had the chance to string together a coherent thought. So instead, you get randoms.

Blogger tried to change the interface on me. I got so lost I had to abandon this post, start over (using the old GUI) and re-post. Have I mentioned I'm not a huge fan of change?

Someone saw me this morning and told me I looked very cheery. That's abnormal considering I was a) at work and b) it's a fake Monday. I'll take it as a win though.

Update to my ultimatum workout: Last week was a success. I got 4 workouts in (just in the nick of time), meaning I do not have to run this week. Week one down. Running 0, Angie 1.

Sunday after spin I was SUPER sweaty and disgusting but also really wanted Starbucks. So, my super sweaty ass went to Starbucks. While I was there the following conversation happened with a woman in line behind me:

Nicest woman ever: You look like you just got done working out.
Me: Oh, I did. I'm disgusting, it was really hot in the room, but I needed this coffee to keep me going!
NWE: Good for you!
Me: Oh! Thanks (I thought she was politely trying to tell me I smelled, not compliment me).
NWE: No seriously, getting up early on a Sunday morning to work out, that's awesome.
Me: Oh my gosh, seriously, thank you so much! *biggest smile ever on my face*
NWE: Absolutely, well earned!

Related: I'd like to find a way to clone her, then shrink her and carry her around in my pocket...forever.

Plan for this working out this week:
Tuesday: Bodyworks after work
Wednesday: Walk with the monkey
Thursday: Yoga over lunch
Friday: Spin over lunch
Saturday / Sunday: Either bodyworks or spin (depending on which morning I'm more likely to wake up early).

Here's to week two not resulting in running.

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