Friday, September 23, 2011

Came across this ol' gem...

Thanks to the book blowing my mind with this new layout (that I don't totally understand yet, but am nonetheless VERY excited about), I came across a note from 2006 titled "Reasons I miss the U (and College life in general). I figured now is a perfect time to post this, especially since I am less than 24 hours from a little mini-reunion with many of the below mentioned friends!

Flash forward to 2011 and most of these reasons still stand (updates / commentary on these reasons from 2011 Angie are in italics.)

1. I miss hearing my alarm go off and the only thought running through my head was "I don't have an exam today...skip it." and sleeping in for another few hours. (the 2011 version of this is, "I don't have an early meeting today, I'll snooze for another 10 minutes.)
2. At any given moment on any given day I could stroll to DU's porch, call Clint, Tom, Jeremy, Joe, or Tripod in the early days and have a friend to sit on the porch with...which would then turn into a group to sit on the porch with. (those boys are SO far away...and I don't have a porch).
3. If I was lonely for lunch, I knew I could call Tor (who would always be willing to skip class-for a ride from Carlson), Nuke and/or Clint (who would always do lunch, as long as I paid), or Jeremy (who at the very least would come to Alpha Chi for lunch). (Again, NONE of those people are close enough for me to call for lunch.)
4. Now, when I walk out of my room I just see a bathroom and an empty bedroom...instead of 22 other bedrooms full of people ready to go to Target, for a ride, or watch endless hours of TV... (I also see a cat and a dog, but neither of them can go to Target with me.)
5. I can't skip work to watch a wedding story. (Bird & Teensy)
6. There is NOT as many delivery options once you leave a campus area. (or if you live in Waukesha...)
7. I have to drive a lot more...walking to the nearest bar now requires many more hours scheduled in and quite an aerobic feat.
10. In the real world there's way more serious problems than the latest CR drama...not to mention a much more hefty punishment than a $10 fine.
11. When I shop with my friends from home, no one gets my boobs...I miss Sukie. (Thanks to the good ol' reduction of 2007 this is not as much of a problem anymore. I still talk about boobs with Sukie though...that hasn't changed.)
12. When I want to talk about DU I have to call Sae instead of going down to her room. (thanks to the recently instated weekly chats, this has become not *as* big of a problem).
13. My ability to get any season of Friends, The O.C. or Sex in the City has taken a serious hit... (Thanks to streaming netflix, nick at night, and E! this hit has been substantially fixed).
14. Now when I wake up at 11:00 I can't stroll down to the kitchen to see Connie's latest surprise...I have to make my own damn surprise. (Still making my own damn surprises.)
15. When I walk out my front door...I see more front doors, instead of a gorgeous skyline view of Minneapolis. (Still true...Oh MPLS Skyline, I still miss you!)
16. Fountain diet cokes just aren't as good w/ out those damn weasels from Sioux Fu with me... (Again, still true.)
17. Doing stupid shit (a.k.a. singing into a brush, shoving a pillow in your sweatshirt, falling over a box of detergent, etc) is not nearly as much fun without the other half of Angina doing it with you. (Oh my, still VERY true.)
18. When you sing at the dinner table before dinner every Monday night and you're NOT in a sorority house, your boyfriend looks at you strange. (HA! Add this to "silver linings to living alone" list... I can sing whenever I damn please. Before dinner, during dinner, whenever I want!)
19. St. Paul is not nearly as far from Minneapolis as it seemed to be when you consider how far away from Milwaukee it is...I miss AGR. (Oh AGR. I still remember you fondly.)
20. Finding out the latest gossip from Facebook is slightly depressing...I'd rather sit in the informal and gather it from Sukie. (Thank you e-mails from Sukie, I'm still getting it from the same source.)
21. I no longer have to worry about who may stumble in my room at 3 a.m. to steal shit (Hazelkorn & Luke, I actually miss it!) (I don't miss it that much. I'm actually quite comfortable with no one sneaking in my room, thanks.)

I know there's a million other reasons I miss college...but I have to answer to the real world sometime this afternoon.

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