Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best Compliment Ever.

It should be noted that I am right smack dab in the middle of my typical post-MN friend seeing blues / funk. I do it every time I see them (so you can imagine the roller coaster I've been on after all these visits this year!). It's just a shame I can't make them all move here...all of you. Even the ones who no longer live in MN. (Oregon? California? Pennsylvania? New York? Alaska?? I'm looking at you.)

If you were at the wedding with me this past weekend, you too would be in love with my friends and wish they lived in your city all the time. We're pretty much the best time you could ever want to have. Sober before the ceremony? Super fun. Drunk at the reception? Double time fun. Back at the hotel eating pizza? So. Much. Fun. Hungover at the continental breakfast? Hilarious. Close to dying of laughter at Perkins? STOP the fun, it's just too much. So it shouldn't be this big surprise I am happy when I'm with them and sad when I'm not.

However, sometimes they make me smile just as big when I'm not even in the same state as them. And yesterday one of my favorites did just that. In the midst of an e-mail conversation back and forth she gave me one of the best compliments I could possibly receive (especially after last week's pity party). She told me she loves that I am me. And that no matter what was happening this weekend I was just being Angie.

Seriously my heart burst into eleventy bajillion pieces. I'm working very hard at redefining, rediscovering, reconfiguring just who the best Angie is. When you're alone, that's the very best time to do this. You are basing who you are on you and you alone. Sure you're family and friends have influence but if you've chosen them wisely, it's a good influence and they make you a better you. The only thing better than working on becoming the best me I can be is when someone tells you how much they love that me. BEST EVER.

I swear, soon I'll blog about something other than how much fun I had this weekend and people, places and things that aren't somehow tied to MN. Although, be warned, it won't last long because in just 24 short days I'm headed up to the city I love for Homecoming. HOMECOMING. This is pretty much my favorite thing EVER after Christmas. And sometimes, in some moments, homecoming could even win out over Christmas. (I know! I said it and I stand by it. ) Hot damn I love me some Homecoming!

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