Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Silver, Stumble, Struggle

This past weekend, I was honored by my lovely friend Amy to receive an invitation to join her ridiculously fun group at a little place called Silvercryst in Wautoma, WI. I was promised drinking, boating, sun and fun and let me tell you, the weekend did not disappoint. Given that I'm super fun this summer, I immediately said I was in..that is of course after Sae said she was going. So I took a half day of work on Friday, packed up my car and made the 2.5 hour voyage up to this magical "Silvercryst" place I had only heard of. My suitcase was packed with minimal clothing and 3 swimsuits. I had only flip flops for shoes and had zero intentions of showering. It was my kind of weekend from the start.

Let me just reiterate, this weekend did not disappoint.

The "resort" is in a teeny, tiny town - which I have a total special place in my heart for. They're so quaint and adorable...I just love small towns and all that comes with it. We stayed in the "fancy" side of the "resort." The beach was about 50 feet from the room, which is a good thing, as I'm fairly certain we wouldn't have been capable of travel much further. Amy's family has a sick boat that we spent a fair amount of time on. There were boys, booze and fried foods all on a beach. And because I'm pretty sure I might still be recovering, you're getting a quick list of my highlights.

It was no more than 5 minutes after my arrival I was in my suit, in a lake and beer in hand...I got to have a delicious fish fry...after promising Amy via our bonded handshake I took a power nap and returned to the party...there were a number of ridiculous outfits from Goodwill including my "Masters" Jacket...Sae tried to wakeboard like a small child, it didn't go well...Amy's grandma offered cherry vodka...there were crazy cool medallions...we ate breakfast while being watched by a family portrait...there were roughly 3,454 glasses of beverage on a table for 5 people...Sae started a gang...Zack shot Amy...We crammed about 239 people into the smallest sand bar ever...Amy sliced open her brothers lip, he turned into Hitler...I found out I love Vodka & Soda...we did shot skis...we did shots not on skis...when I couldn't find gum, I did shots of Dr...we danced to the worst band in the history of bands...they had groupies...I met a coworker I had been emailing for a year...I bought them shots...we found a man so tall that with Sae on Zack's shoulders she was only slightly taller than him...I slept in a bed with so much sand I woke up exfoliated in the morning...and then just 2 days after I arrived, it was time to pack up and leave...gatorade & regular coke in hand.

It started as Silvercryst...moved to Stumblefest...became Struggle fest...then repeated itself.

I had a blast and am already looking forward to next year. That is, if Amy's mom and the committee approve my attendance. I'm being only slightly penalized for my power naps.

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