Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Positive vs. Negative

In general, I would say I react much better to positive reinforcement than punishment or anything of the negative variety. That is until we get to working out. See, it's hard to have any reinforcement when you're not changing anything in your routine.

I've been steadily sorta kinda going to the gym. And sorta kinda eating well. Doing both sorta kinda well enough that nothing is changing. Leaving me no positive or negative results. I'm just here...stuck. And while I'd much prefer to just rely on the positive reinforcement of feeling better and losing weight, clearly that hasn't been enough to push me over the sorta kinda wall.

So the other day while eating lunch with co-workers, I announced I had yet again given up on Couch to 5k because I hate it with the passion of a thousand suns. And when my coworker asked me to put it into perspective, I announced that I would rather spend an ENTIRE weekend with two notoriously annoying co-workers of ours who would not be high on the "list of people to hang out with outside of work". That is how much I hate running.

All of a sudden yesterday it hit me! Running - that should be my new negative reinforcement. I've tried the couch to 5k program before and pretty much hated every minute of it. I enjoyed when I could actually run the next week's program, but that high wore off pretty quickly and I returned to hating it.

So here's the plan. Moving forward I have to have some sort of "activity session" 4 days a week. I say "activity session" because I've been walking a lot lately with the dog, trying to soak up as much of the nice weather as possible. And while we typically do at least 2.5 miles or around an hour of walking, I don't necessarily consider it a "workout."

Here's the requirements:
  • 4 sessions of activity a week*
  • a "session" is defined as at least 30 minutes of moving around / losing my breath
  • 1 session per week should make me sweat my ass off (at least one...the other can just make me sweat a little bit).
Here's the punishment:
  • Couch to 5k...a FULL Couch to 5k
So, if at any week I fail to complete 4 sessions, the following week I have to pick up the Couch to 5k program and finish it. Meaning I won't get to do the activities I like (Spin, bodyworks, yoga, etc.) and I'll just have to run. FOR 10 WHOLE FREAKING WEEKS!??!

As I told Sukie yesterday, the thought alone makes me want to vom. So I'm pretty sure this plan could work. And to keep accountable, I'll be posting a plan / recap here once a week.

This week's plan has already been altered:
Monday: Weights (didn't happen - was on babysitting duty, then off, then on, then off.)
Tuesday: Yoga over lunch (coworker had a TERRIBLE day, so I've rescheduled to elliptical after work)
Wednesday: Lower Bodyworks & Cardio over lunch
Thursday: Spin Class after work
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Bodyworks at 8:30 (or weights on my own)
Sunday: Rest

Dear Universe, please don't make me have to run!


  1. This is hilarious to me because I love running! However, I could do the same plan and substitute ab workouts for the 5k. I dispise any and all ab workouts!

  2. See? It can work as a plan for anyone - everyone has a least one despised workout!