Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random thoughts.

Another day I'm unable to form a coherent post of paragraphs that are related to each other.

People are assholes sometimes, this I've accepted. Except when you're an asshole to my family. Then I'm closer to rage from the very bottom of my toes than acceptance. Consider yourself warned, a-hole.

People are dropping like flies. And by this I, of course, mean they're all getting married. Yup, more and more people getting engaged while I'm here falling deeper and deeper in love with Tim Riggins. Seems about right.

Sending me an e-mail in which both the subject and the message are ONLY "Hi there cutie" will get you nowhere...fast.

I can't stop hitting my snooze button. Seriously I don't even pick up the phone anymore...I just tap my finger around the screen until it hits the area I need to make it stop. Then I think, "Jackpot!" and sleep for 10 more minutes. This is becoming a problem.

There *may* be a relation to my deep seeded love affair with Tim Riggins and my use of the snooze button. I also *may* have yelled "Bullshit! One more episode" when the "last episode" played last night...I was supposed to go to bed by 10. Whoops.

I'm slowly becoming obsessed with roasting chickens. As in, I want to find a hundred ways to roast them and then do so daily.

Also on my list of obsessions, Pinterest. I know most people are using it as a way of filing style options, wardrobe pieces, fun DIY projects, etc. I am primarily using it to file away pictures of cute and snuggly animals. Then when I'm angry or in general need of a pick me up, I look at a raccoon carrying a kitten and all is right in the world.

I have come to realize over the last year that more so than not being a fan of change, I am a big fan of consistency. I don't care if you don't like me, just don't pretend to sometimes like me. Be consistent. I don't mind if you're always a dick, but don't sometimes be nice. Be consistent. I'm fine with you ignoring me, but don't SOMETIMES pay attention and then ignore me. Consistency people, use it.

That's about all I can muster for today!

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