Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm Hungry!

I got some surprise time with my nephew this week when my brother needed a last minute babysitter. And because ANYTHING is more fun than running, but ESPECIALLY hanging out w/ Joey, I said yes!

We met my parents for dinner (because as a general rule, we try our best to share time we get with that little man.) Not only did he ask to sit by me, he also repeatedly called me homey, which I was trying to teach him like a year ago. (Which proves my theory that he plays dumb when he wants to but he remembers EVERYTHING.)

As we got our food, he turned to us and said, "I'm HUNGRY." Emphasis on the if he hadn't eaten in years.

I asked my parents, "Do you think he knows he's hungry or he's just saying that because before anyone gives him food we always ask, 'Joey are you hungry?'"

Both my parents responded with resounding certainty that he definitely knows when he's hungry. Definitely.

So after he downed almost an entire full size plate of butter noodles, half of my french fries, and 2 large pickles I was surprised he still wanted to take me up on my offer for some frozen yogurt. But as promised (and as is our ritual when it's just Joey & Angie) we went and got some frozen yogurt. I was even more surprised when he ate almost the entire cup (I had about 3 bites, but was for the most part, too busy trying to keep ice cream off his clothes, the floor, the chair, me, etc.)

As we walked out of the frozen yogurt store, he looked across the street and locked eyes with the Domino's and loudly proclaimed,

"Ooooh! Pizza! I'm HUNGRY."

No, no he definitely DOES NOT know when he is hungry.

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