Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Broken record

I have nothing new and exciting to say. Seriously, I wrote 4 paragraphs of a new post and realized it was NOTHING new. There was some talk about how I've been so busy this summer and how I like it. BORING. Then I talked a little bit about how I'm getting back into eating healthy and working out (couch to 5k for like, the fifteen time, and yes, I still don't like running). BEEN THERE. I even mentioned Friday Night Lights*. SHOCKED YET?!

I have nothing new to share. I'm a broken record and for the past couple weeks, life has been pretty routine. Nothing new or shocking or crazy to share.

Oh, except this ridiculously complicated recipe my mom found for a homemade body scrub. It was part of her incredible idea for a gift for my BFF this past weekend. We're all about the theme "kits" if you will. So we made a relaxation kit. There was tea, a candle, a loofa and this homemade body scrub. Ready for how hard it is??

Get a jar.
Put a bunch of raw sugar in the jar. About 3/4 full.
Squirt a bunch of baby oil into the jar, till it's almost full.
Add some vitamin E capsules (poke a hole in them and squirt into the sugar & oil mix).
Stir it.
Slather it all over your body, rub it in and then rinse it off.

Your skin will be as smooth as a baby's bottom (and kind of smell like one too...a clean one of course.)

I made some for myself and it's pretty awesome, given that it cost about $3 and took all of 2.5 seconds to make!

So there, that's what I have for you. Guess I'm not that boring after all!

Oh, one more thing. I was informed by Rebecca she needed to google Tim Riggins** (prompted by my incessant rants about him, I'm sure). It saddened me that there were people out there who had not yet been exposed to the beauty that is Tim Riggins, so I figured I'd share with the rest of you. (all the pictures are borrowed from the google...)

*At some point I promise to stop mentioning FNL, Tim Riggins, Coach Eric Taylor and the like. Not entirely, but definitely I'll stop mentioning them every day...probably even every week at some point. This is a full fledged life impression taking place here people. We're talking Free Willy, Dangerous Minds, Center Stage kind of impression. I'm pretty sure I was destined to be a coach's wife. It's basically like the whale adoption all over again.

**It's important (actually the opposite of important in the grand scheme of things) that I clarify it's not Taylor Kitsch I'm clearly in love with. It's Tim Riggins. Which is the saddest of love stories. You know, given he's a fictional character. Woe. is. me.

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