Monday, July 11, 2011

Block Party / Rodeo 2011

Seriously, I have been having some serial fun lately. Back to back weekends of ridiculous amounts of fun at events that are just too good to be true.

After working 3 days post-summerfest weekend, I was off again and headed back to my beloved Minneapolis. I believe this may be as close as I ever come to having an affair. I love Milwaukee with all my heart. It holds my family, some of my dearest friends, and 20+ years of memories. It will always be my home. Milwaukee is my stable partner, been there through thick and thin. And if that's the case, then Minneapolis is my younger, edgier, lover. My risky, crazy, release my wild side lover. And I am clearly in the middle of quite the affair right now. I love them both dearly.

My flight got in at 4:15 and by 5:15 I had a beer in my hand on the patio of Brit's. Damn do I love that place. I'm still holding out that that might be where I meet my accent-having, future husband from across the pond. We enjoyed some beers and conversations (and subsequently some air conditioning as it was H-O-T hot out there), before heading to the Basilica for the 2011 Block Party. After living in MN for four years, and visiting many summers after, I am shocked I had never been to Block Party before, as it's something right up my alley. (I have a VERY large place in my heart for music festivals with city skylines as the backdrop.) We tried one year but then right before the party was to start, Armaggedon-esque storms rolled in and we opted for some safe drinking indoors.

I made a quick pit stop with Tori to see my beloved Ted. An old friend from college, who my other half in a relationship few understand. He will always be one of my very best friends, regardless of distance and time between visits. For the first time ever we talked about the supposed night I professed my love to him and the questionable "grabbing" incident in Chicago. We caught up as quick as possible, as Tori and I had to get over to the show.

And a show it was. Dear LORD, David Gray is one sexy man and his music is straight baby-making music. Somehow Sae and Gina, two of my very smallest friends, managed to finagle their way up to practically standing on the stage. We were ridiculously close. And David serenaded me all night long. (Okay, he sang to a crowd of hundreds for a couple hours, but that's what it FELT like.) It was a fantastic concert and I've been craving his music since. Post-concert, after some how losing Gina, we stopped at the Newsroom for some delicious eats before calling it a night. (A night where somehow I yet again chose the wrong shoes and ended up with feet that wanted to make me cry.)

We slept in and relaxed on Saturday because we knew what was coming. Gina and I fueled up with some Chipotle before heading home to prep for a night I've been looking forward to for the past 3 years. The Post Hamel Rodeo Party at Inn Kahoots. I had my first rodeo experience back in 2008 and have been telling stories from it since. And this year did NOT disappoint. Once again I ended the "night" be watching the sun come up. We drank, we danced, we laughed (a TON). And because it was still 89 degrees at 10:00 we sweat our asses off. There were beautiful men dressed in their best cowboy impression (something that DEFINITELY works for me). Thanks to Sae's fantastic in-laws we had a good old fashioned basement floor sleepover only to wake up to a deliciously prepared breakfast. I heard way more than I'd like to ever hear again of R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet...I saw Jeanie have to put up with what I can only describe as a Dougie molestation...I perfected the creation of ice water...Learned about Jeanie's special sauce...Got translation of what the birds were saying at sunrise (It's "I'm going to take a mother f'n bath"...if you're wondering)...Shuffled for 27 minutes straight...Ate a porkchop on a stick at 5:30 a.m....Learned the difference between "the worst" and "the worst, Voldemort included"...witnessed cuddling with just hands...learned boys should still kill the bugs, even if their sleeping..."went" to the worst strip club ever...and saw one of my best friends (who's also one of my BFF's husband) in hot pink zebra stirrup pants.

I hope Sae's in-laws let us still have sleepovers on their basement floor when we're 30.

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  1. I love everything about this post! It was an epic weekend!!