Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And the tradition rolls on!

Well, we have officially wrapped up our 8th annual Summerfest trip. And much like my pre-weekend post suggested, it was just as wonderful as I had anticipated. We spend months, LITERALLY months, planning, prepping and most importantly counting down the months, weeks and days until it was finally here! And then, in what feels like an instant, the weekend comes and goes. This was one of the longest "weekends" we've gotten to celebrate, and yet we talked at the end about how quickly it goes by. I'm going to do my best to recap our weekend. It's probably going to take a few posts as I don't need to write a 5,000 word post.

The group arrived Thursday afternoon, thanks to Ben's driving. I'm seriously impressed with his timing and his ability to limit bathroom breaks. We took a quick ride over to the outlet malls at Pleasant Prairie and made out like bandits at J.Crew outlet. And in a fantastic twist of events, Tori spent the least. We were all a little proud (and also a little anxious about the amount the rest of us spent). As discussed, at least if we can't pay the mortgage, we'll look so good doing it.

We went immediately from the outlets to Jazz in the Park. It was the perfect night for it. We got some food, got some wine and laid down our blankets and set up camp. For a moment it looked as though a storm might roll in but it held off for us. I also learned Thursday night at Jazz in the Park, what I would do when I first saw the ex for the first time. It was turn and hide my face and say "Oh fuck, it's Christian." I was beyond thankful to be with the group I was with when I saw him for the first time. Honestly, these are some FRIENDS. There was support. After finding out how I felt and making sure I was okay, there was bashing. (Which I needed at that point.) There was blatant acts of forcing acknowledgment of our group. They had the perfect reactions, including instructions to keep the wine flowing. And now, I can officially mark seeing him for the first time off my list.

Before we knew it 9:00 had come and the show was over. We decided to move the party to more of a "local" place near my house. Where other than New Berlin Ale House (And Bowling Center). There was terrible karoake, bloody mary's, long island ice teas, and dirty girl scout shots. It was the perfect start to our weekend. We even cracked open a beer when we got home (I know, what party animals, right?!) After breaking my kitchen table (twice), we decided it was probably time to wrap up the night and head to bed. (Thanks Tor for fixing the table and Ben for the 3 sheets of paper towel, I'm sure me on the chair and Gina on the floor was a HUGE help!)

Coming up...Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

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