Monday, July 11, 2011

And the tradition rolls on - Part III

Saturday & Sunday

Because I have been SO much fun lately, I'm doing the re-cap of Saturday & Sunday together so that I can start posts recapping this weekend's events. (Block Party & Rodeo2011 need their own posts, too much fun for one.)

Also - I would split this post up a bit with pictures, but I'm never the one taking them. So imagine them in your mind, okay? Okay.


Saturday morning we got another early start. My parents and nephew joined us for breakfast at my house before we headed out for our day of tours! We arrived a little late for the Miller Park tour so we ended up having to wait an hour for the next tour. Which was clearly the universe intervening and giving us the best case scenario. Instead of a quiet (and cranky) old man as our tour guide. We got the wonderful Louise. She was full of random knowledge and had fun made up phrases for everything, including gooju (for a goosegg on your head) which my dad and I thoroughly enjoyed. She made the supposed 75 minute tour last about 2 hours. It was hot but we got to see the whole stadium, including on the field, in the dugout, locker room and press box. I also learned many opportunities for wedding events...which have been filed in my brain folder "When I Get There..." This is also where Tori guessed an answer to a sports related question and got it right...prompting her desire later (after many more beers) to look into a career with ESPN. One of my favorite memories from the day.

After the Miller Park Tour, we made a stop at Stubby's for some lunch (which we were desperate for at this point...a 2 hour tour in a non-air conditioned stadium on a 90 degree day sure takes it out of you!). Over beers and BBQ we were able to regain the energy we needed for tour part deux. (Consider part deux foreshadowing for the Rodeo2011 post...) We were off to Lakefront Brewery! I have a special place in my heart for Lakefront and was very excited to share it with my friends. We all loved the tour (had a HILARIOUS tour guide, who taught us what a reach around is...a common courtesy if you're wondering), and after our 4 free beers were well on our way. This was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend for me. Sitting with some of my favorites and my parents just reminiscing on years past and things to come in the future. Following the tour, the 4 OG's (original gangsters for you not in the know...) were ready to take on Summerfest. After a HILARIOUS mishap with deodorant in the car (thanks Dad for patiently driving our drunk asses around!!) we made a quick stop at Branded at the Iron Horse before heading to Summerfest! After a visit to the Ethnic Village for some eats, we made our way South. We split up for a bit, Gina & myself at Phil Vassar at the newly renovated Briggs & Stratton stage (love it!) and Ben & Tori off to Maroon 5. We wrapped up the night in a taxi van back to Waukesha.

Sunday is another tradition laden part of this weekend. We headed out west to the Elegant Farmer (one of the other rituals that has been included nearly every year of the 8 total). As usual, baked goods and cheese curds were acquired. Then it was off to the Nikolas house for our celebration of America. Gina provided the decor (lots of flags & red, white and blue). Mom made breakfast, lunch and dinner. All absolutely delicious, as expected. We ate, we drank, we swam. Then it came time to get down to business. The 3rd annual Bocce Tourney of the Sexes. This event has grown exponentially throughout the years. It's no longer JUST a bocce game. There's an arena. There's a rule book. And there is LOTS of shit talking. We play boys vs. girls and we play to win. Since the girls outnumbered the boys (5 to 2), we had to sit one out each hole and the boys went twice. Unfortunately, the girls took a hit this year and lost 2-1. (We always play best of 3.) However, I pulled out with a PR for least amount of whining about the game. In years 1 and 2 I did a LOT of bitching about heat, mosquitoes, ets. This year I was even on the Injured Reserves list as I had some pretty sever blisters from the night before. I showed up and played hard with minimal bitching. (Not nearly as much as the men did.)

As our gift to the hostess this year we presented her a fire pit (one I was supposed to buy her for mother's day 3 years ago...sorry mom!) So once we wrapped up the tourney, we built a fire, put on some country tunes and did our best to recall events of Summerfests of yore. It was the perfect way to end our 8th Summerfest weekend. I couldn't ask for a better tradition and sincerely look forward to this same weekend happening every year for so many years moving forward.

Summerfest 2012 has already been added to the calendar...I'm certain the agenda will be put together shortly!

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