Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And the tradition rolls on - Part II


As the agenda was jam packed with goodness, despite the fact that we didn't finish up the frozen pizza until about 2:00 a.m., we had a day of fun ahead of us for Friday. We slept in a bit, Friday was the latest we got our day started, at a whopping 11:30 a.m. Watched a little House Hunters, ate some breakfast, drank some coffee and we were on our way!

We started off the day with lunch at Thai-Namite. I've blogged about it before, a delicious Thai / Sushi restaurant on Brady. Which prompted the question, "Why do you keep calling this "Brady?"I realized I've shortened Brady St. to just Brady...apparently I'm in too big of a hurry for the St. Ben & Gina tortured themselves with three stars of spicy on their entrees. And later informed me this was a terrible idea and that should I dine here with other spicy eaters in the future, let them know 3 is just too many stars. We wrapped up lunch with a lovely conversation regarding the process of getting into the Summerfest Club. It's a rigorous process that we were (mostly) joking about. Hey after the better part of a decade (and four former Greeks), there needs to be some sort of initiation process! (Future significant others are automatically grandfathered in, FYI.)

We then moved onto a lovely driving tour of Lake Dr where we all picked out our favorite homes. Homes that would make the Elliotts consider moving to MN, homes I'd live in when I marry a Doctor (or also acceptable Dentist, thanks for pointing that out Ben). Tori even found an acceptable arrival experience, columns and all. We drove up and down and all around, until Ben got sick and Tori couldn't had a too full bladder. Thanks to Summerfest traffic, roads closed and my minor freakout, we ended up making a nice little pit stop at the Alterra on the Lake to use their fine facilities.

From there we moved on to the Art Museum, aka the Calatrava.

I'm shamed to admit I've failed as a Milwaukeean and have never actually been inside this lovely new museum (that makes the old building look literally like the saddest excuse for a museum ever.) They were setting up for an event (with fine china & a ping pong table...naturally) so I didn't even have to imagine what the set up would be for a wedding!

The China exhibit was just installed and with only 3 stops in North America we figured it was a good time to peek in and see some exhibits! Gina & I did a pretty special audio tour with highly enlightened observations of all things art. Though I'd advise it's not for the weak (and also not for anyone who wants to actually learn anything about art.) We were hoping to see the wings close, but it was too windy for them to be open. We also didn't get to see the infinity chamber...which we didn't even know we wanted to until they told us it was closed. Seriously, want me to want something? Tell me I can't have it!

So after we covered all the ground of the museum, and Gina and I had had enough laughs and commentary, and Tori and Ben had soaked up enough actual art knowledge, we headed out to FINALLY get on the paddle boats Gina has wanted to rent since about year 2. The wind prohibiting the wings being flown should have given us a clue it might be a bit too windy to ride out in the lake on a paddle boat, but we still gave it a good try. No dice. So we dragged a disappointed Gina on to Happy Hour.

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Given the booze from the night before (and the cheese curds, ice cream, wine and mass amounts of chicken in quesadilla, wrap and finger form), we weren't sure we were ready for booze, but we put on our party pants anyways and headed South to Bryant's Cocktail Lounge. It's a really cool experience and something worth trying! Happy Hour includes really cheap prohibition era drinks, mine came aflame. Also - it's the only stop that Ben sent a post card from, so you know it had to be pretty sweet. If you've never been to Bryant's and you live in or are visiting Milwaukee, you must make a stop. It's hard to describe without being there. According to their website: Open since 1938, Bryant’s is Milwaukee’s Oldest Cocktail Lounge. Indulge yourself with exotic lighting, plush velvet walls, and tunes from the vintage audio system. Cozy up in a booth while sipping on a classic signature cocktail and enjoying the finest service in Milwaukee.

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From there we moved on to dinner, because apparently even with a packed tight schedule of events and places to visit, eating was our number one activity this weekend. We move a bit north of Bryant's up to Swig in the Historic Third Ward. After 8 years, we're working with honorary Milwaukeeans here, they know the Third Ward quite well. I was impressed with their knowledge of where we were and where we've been. (I can hardly remember and I live here.) We once again ate too much delicious food (first world problem, I know). As usual the service was impeccable and the food was fantastic. I have come to expect nothing less from the Sorge's though...

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BUT the night was still young, there was more to accomplish (read: more to check off the agenda!) We stopped for a beer at Cafe Benelux, another new Milwaukee place I had yet to try myself. Luck was on our side as we snagged one of the north facing tables on the rooftop bar AND an adorable (and tall!) waiter. The beer was cold, the conversation motivating (read: how Angie needs to approach dating)...and unfortunately the adorably tall waiter young. (I'm flexible in my age range but there's no way I can keep up with a Senior in college.)

After our beers we had ONE MORE THING to cross off the agenda for our busy Friday. A stop at the casino! (What? Your agenda doesn't cover art, paddle boats and casino in one day?!)

Though once again we had to disappoint Gina with her favorite parts of the agenda, as it was already nearing 11:00 our casino visit was short we had to be up at 8:00 the next morning! This was probably a good thing, as best case scenario we all walked away pretty much even...except me. I was down $20. I used all my luck the week before when I left ahead over $100.

And finally we headed back we could start all over again in less than 8 hours! Hooray! Stay tuned for Saturday's report. We hit up the Miller Park Tour, Stubby's, Lakefront Brewery Tour, Branded and Summerfest! Not a moment went to waste this weekend!!

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  1. When I read the first word of this post, I immediately heard Katy Perry in my head and her alter ego Kathy Beth Terry from the "Last Friday Night" music video. Excellent!