Friday, July 15, 2011

All out of juice.

I was a posting machine earlier this week, I am officially running out of creative juices. My work projects are suffering today too...I can't get my thinking cap on straight today!

So instead of a cohesive story telling, list including post you're use to this week, you're just getting random thoughts that have gone through my head the last few days.

Sometimes I like to think my Pandora station has a headquarters somewhere with little elves (or people, I guess it could be just regular people) who are picking out what song to play next on my station. They applaud when I give it a thumbs up. This product of my imagination makes me feel a little guilty when I give a song a thumbs down.

I have been fully immersed in "Texas Forever" this week. I'm re-watching Friday Night Lights Season One, in preparation for the Series Finale tonight. Though, realistically nothing can prepare me for that. I'm devastated. I've been listening to country music all week after the rodeo celebrations last weekend. I'm basically a Texan this week. Basically.

I believe I am still catching up on sleep and energy from last weekend. I have had a hell of a time getting out of bed this week and, subsequently, have been rocking the curly hair all week long. Which, as I informed my co-workers long ago, means I'm being lazy.

I did get back on the workout horse though. 3 days already knocked out this week and I plan on going for a walk after work tonight and some classes tomorrow! I knew I could get back to it if I really tried...the last two weeks I wasn't trying...or caring.

I signed up to adopt a soldier today. I blame the show Surprise Homecoming.

I'm a full fledged coffee addict. Somehow it happened. I can't pinpoint when, but I realized yesterday that every day around 3:00 I day dream about how amazing that cup of coffee is going to be tomorrow morning. (I tried to prevent this addiction. I only allow 2 cups, one while I'm getting ready and one on the way to / when I first get to work. Once those are gone it's back to water.)

This coffee addiction is the EXACT reason I refuse to every try cocaine. I've got a ridiculous addictive personality and I'd be a full blown coke head in no time. Well, that and it's expensive and can kill you. You know, those reasons as well.

Someone said to me today, "Yeah, well if *I* picked out someone for you to date, I bet they wouldn't urinate on your car" as a way of proving their ability to choose men better than I can. This is both factual and historical evidence against my abilities. Sad, but also very, very true.

Related: I saw a quote today about how if you make a mistake once, it's a mistake. Make it again, and it's a choice. I have learned my lesson and only ever chosen ONE person who would pee on my car. So there's that. I'm learning.

I'm over Emily Giffin. Seriously I was HOOKED (see?! Addictive.) for a while. I read all but one of her books in the matter of 2 months. I have not read this many books in the last 2 years (maybe an exaggeration...but also, maybe not.) But I cannot for the life of me care enough to finish the last 5 chapters of the one I'm reading now. I'm over it. I mean, REALLY?! How many books can I read about cheating spouses?! I'm also convinced she's cheated on her husband or been cheated on by him. Her books are BASICALLY just details of her life put into the plot. Why does she know so much about cheating? Or at least like writing about it so much?! I imagine her husband cheated on her and this is his punishment. She writes about it in all her books and makes millions off of it. Could just be me...

So there ya go. I've said it before and I'll say it again...that brain of mine is an odd place to be sometimes!

Happy weekend all.

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