Friday, July 22, 2011

10 Lies I'll tell you about this weekend

1. I am not dreading the fact that I have to fit in 2 workouts at some point because I was lazy this week.

2. I will absolutely be shocked if my boss tries to contact me via a personal contact number at some point.

3. I will not do anything in my power to make my brother smile.

4. Sunday will not be spent moving as little as possible. I will stay out of the sun 100% of the time.

5. My mom and I are definitely NOT planning on making not one, but TWO recipes that have butter in the title. (Seen here and here, in case you're also interested in NOT making them. Thanks to the lovely Jessica from How Sweet Eats for those.)

6. I do not intend on getting silly drunk with my best friends to celebrate one of their birthdays.

7. There will most definitely, absolutely NOT be multiple episodes of Friday Night Lights watched.

8. There are zero trips to Goodwill planned to scope out key pieces for a potential costume I'll need in August.

9. No country music will be played, subsequently I will NOT be thinking about marrying a cowboy and living happily ever after.

10. I will not be counting down the seconds until I can leave and get these lies started!

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