Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

I am having the hardest time with a cohesive post lately. Lots of bullets. I'm going to try to avoid listing this one and just tell it in a story. Without bullets. (I'm already worried about my ability to keep a solid train of thought. Here goes...)

This was a very relaxing and laid back weekend. My mind and body needed it. I feel as though, given my monthly visits to the Twin Cities, I've been spending the 2 weeks after visits recovering and then the 2 weeks before the visit in preparation mode. Save energy, sleep and money as best I can because I know I'll be spending / foregoing a lot of it when I'm up there! (NOT complaining... I like it this way, I'm just stating the facts.)

Friday I watched as a friend I've known since 3 year old preschool married his girlfriend of many many years. I was pleased to know that even though they've been together forever, lived together for a long time, and seem married in every sense except the rings, it still felt super special. We still all said, "I can't believe their married!" as they walked back down the aisle as husband and wife. Also, damn do I love a good wedding. We all stood as she walked down the aisle and before we were even given the command to be seated I turned to S and said, "I could cry already. I won't because I'm trying to be controlled, but you should know, I totally could." Weddings make my heart smile. I fear it will explode when it's my own.

Saturday was a surprise no hangover day. I love those kinds of days. Especially because Friday included a lot of various adult beverages. Wine, beer, vodka and what we were calling Diet Mountain Dudes. (Three Olives Dude Vodka with Diet Mountain Dew...not sure about that one, though it was delicious.) I'm fairly certain I can contribute this to the fact that not once, not twice, but THREE times we went through the McDonald's drive through grabbing SIXTY chicken mcnuggets each trip. There was a good handful of eaters, but still...we ended up with a total of 180 chicken nuggets and about 15 cheeseburgers. Healthy? No. The reason I woke up without a hangover? Yes, absolutely yes. I woke up early, felt great and got on with my day!

A MN friend, T, was driving back through after buying her adorable new car in Chicago, so she stayed with me Saturday night. It was perfect. We ate pasta, drank diet coke, watched the Hangover 2 (Well, I refuse to eat fucking cantaloupe at a bachelor party! My new favorite quote from a movie. ), and got caught up on everything else. We even went old school and went to Perkins on Sunday morning before she had to head back to MPLS.

Sunday, as per usual, I went to my parents house. Sat out, enjoyed the beautiful day, spent time with the fam and the nephew. It was a nice relaxing close to a nice relaxing weekend.

Wow, that was far more cohesive than I expected.

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