Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Say My Name.

Like many before it, this post is kind of two fold. But it all comes back to the question "what's in a name?" It occurred to me this morning, as I was sending an e-mail to friends, that there are some people that will always be a certain name to me. Getting married won't change it. I still call a lot of my friends by their maiden name. But then I realized it's mostly people with common names who I still use their original last name with. I think it's because when you have a name like Erin or Katie people stream your first and last name together so tightly that it almost becomes one whole name. Then you go and get married and it's impossible for me to split those names up and replace it with a new one. Sorry, it just is. So forever in my mind and vocabulary, you will be known by your maiden name. My friends with more unique names, where I only know one of them, they can change their last name a hundred times and I'll be able to go with the flow and adjust. (Side note: Sukie, you should be just fine on this one ;))

This has always been a "thing" to me. When I think of my future babies' names, I want them to be semi-unique. I'm not talking about naming them after a fruit or city they were conceived in. Just something slightly unusual. Don't get me wrong, I love my name and the story of why I was named Angela. (Born the day after Christmas, Grandpa said I was the Christmas Angel...collective "awwwwww". Little did they know!) Though I NEVER go by Angela. That's exclusively used a) by people who don't know me b) in times I am in trouble or c) by my dad when I burp in public.

I like Angie, I've grown into Angie and it works for me. But I remember in elementary school always having to go by Angie N. Or for that brief time in 6th grade when the bitchy cool girls called me "Nickel-ass" which at the time made me cry because they were making fun of me. Looking back I should have been swooning over any one describing my ass as something that hard. File that under: things I wish I would've known then. I'm going to try to find names for my babies that are hopefully unique enough that they won't have to be a last initial kid. Though I do realize most parents think they're doing this until they get to preschool and there's 45 Olivias.

I will definitely take whatever my future husband's last name is, there's no question about that (fingers crossed I'm not jinxing myself to marry someone with a horrible last name). But I don't think I'm at risk for the "just can't shake the maiden name" game. For the most part people just call me Angie. (At least that's what they're calling me to my face!)

So in summary:
Sorry to anyone I don't call by your married last name. I can't help it. It doesn't mean I hate your husband.

I'll probably be just Angie for the rest of my life and I'm more than happy about that.

Because of my public declaration of these things my kids will probably end up named Joe and Katie and have to go by some crazy variation of their initials...and have a last name like Weiner.

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