Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Mondayest of Mondays

Yesterday was rough. The morning went along smoothly and I just managed to nearly self destruct in the afternoon. I had appointments for the furgirls to go to the doctor for their annual check-up. $500 later, I walked out with two healthy pets. Not sure how that works, but I did. Shaken up from the shocking amount of the bill (it was unexpected as a few "extra" things came up), I went home and dropped them and their clean (albeit expensive) bill of health off. Onward to the next errand of the day.

Signing the papers. I'm not divorced, this I know. And I realize the fortune that exists with that fact. That the break-up happened before a marriage and therefore, we avoided being the big D. However, I believe I've come as close as possible. After dating for nearly 3 years and living together for the greater majority of those years, our lives were about as intertwined as you can get without being legally married. We had joined together most everything we had, including our bank accounts. This was the last step to all ties being severed. So while I didn't have divorce papers to sign, this was my version of them. Once I signed my name by that X, it was over. I'd never HAVE to speak to him again. And, much like divorce papers, these were being signed months after things were already long over and done. As I dotted my i, the banker asked me, "So where do you go now?" It took me a minute to remind myself he didn't know the situation, he was asking about my bank accounts, where I'd have them now that I closed these. I felt a sigh of relief as I knew the answer to latter much more than the former. As I left the bank, I was surprised as tears welled up in my eyes. I'm glad it's over and I'm able to check another thing of the list to get me "officially" untied to the situation, but still, it seemed unbelievable that with one quick signature I was released. Free. Nothing joint about it. Seemed like such a trivial way to officially close that chapter in my life.

Fortunately for me, my day of fun wasn't over! I was on my way to my own annual checkup at the Doctor's office. Woo hoo! I hopped on I-94 and headed west. And thanks to the construction I did so slowly. Then the off ramp I needed to take was closed. Still teary eyed I called my mom, she's the best route planner I know. My brother & I often call her during the day to find alternate routes to take. She hunts them down on the map, checks traffic and directs us to the most efficient and quickly moving path. Our own version of ground control. Heading down my new path, still on time, I'm almost to the clinic when...BAM. I move to make a right hand turn at the stoplight and instead make a turn right into the car in front of me. (I told you, I was self destructing.) This was totally my fault, however, it went from bad to worse rather quickly.

1) it was someone I went to high school with. Awesome. She's a nice girl, but really, in that moment, down $500 and a harsh reminder of losing a boyfriend, and on my way to a pap smear, I wasn't up for talking to anyone.

2) Of course the police just happen to be driving by...so we end up in full written report mode.

3) I'm going to be late for my appointment and have to call the notoriously bitchy receptionists, who in true form, give me shit for being late, even though I've told them it's because I'm in a fender bender.

Fortunately, I have the sweetest doctor in the whole world. She asks about how I'm doing, what's happening in my life. She knows the ex and my entire family & friend circle (they are all also her patients). Naturally, she asks about how that's going. And, also naturally, I start crying. (What? You don't break down in front of your girly parts doctor??) I explain, had I not just spent a ton of money, closed our joint account and gotten into a car accident, I'm generally really composed when talking about it. She offers suggestions, tells me she's been there and that it'll all work out. I find a strange amount of comfort in hearing this. Maybe it's the white coat that makes it seem officially true. She tells me I'm not allowed to come back next year without taking a major trip out of the state. It's doctor's orders.

And while this is already a ridiculously long post, I have to close by proving I'm not just a Debbie Downer. Mom and Dad came to the rescue yet again. Dad fixed the car while mom hugged me and let me cry. Then took me out for a beer and dinner. We laughed and joked and I got to end the day on a high note.

Onward to Tuesday...hey, at least it's not a Monday!

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