Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's almost official.

I'm becoming a grown up right before your very eyes. I know, it's pretty monumental. (And necessary, given that I'm now closer to 30 than 20 and only 2.5 years away from no longer even being able to say I'm in my 20's).

Take last night for example, I got home from work and instead of driving thru somewhere to grab dinner (which is REALLY easy to do when it's just one mouth you're feeding!), I made a quick dinner. (Which also means I've got my house stocked with groceries. A trend that has been kept up for the last few months.) Then, instead of lying in bed and relaxing, I took the dog out on a long walk. Something both her and I could benefit from more of. Then, after going to volunteer for a while, instead of watching 16 & Pregnant, I read my book. The SECOND book I've read this month. (I honestly don't know the last time I read two books in one month...sad, yes I know. I'm working on it, alright?!)

Now, I totally admit, this season of 16 & Pregnant is a total snooze fest, not to mention a collection of the finest trash scattered across this fine country of ours. (Seriously. The show was much better when it was all, "Look, this rich cheerleader got knocked up! It could happen to you too if you're not careful!" This season it's a lot of ZERO SHOCK that those girls got preggers. Less entertaining. Sorry but it's true.) BUT, the fact that I am enjoying reading so much is a pleasant surprise to me. I really want to read more and I just might be making that happen!

Combine that with the fact that I've just finished my 3rd pound of coffee (it's officially a habit people!) and I'd say I'm in full fledged grown up territory!

AND, I'm hardly even sad about becoming a grown up because yesterday THREE different people asked me if I was in school, if I was happy school was out for the summer, and how much school I had left. They think I'm in college. And I'll say it again (because on the book and the twitter wasn't enough)...

Nightly anti-wrinkle cream routine...for the win!

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