Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm a Crier.

Inspired by Lotso (from Toy Story 3), my nephew has been saying, "I'm a hugger!" whenever he hugs someone now. It's beyond adorable and absolutely hilarious.

Well, I'm taking this in a different direction and announcing I'm a crier**. I can't even believe this needs to be announced, as pretty much anyone who has spent 5 minutes with me has probably seen me cry. And no, not in a train wreck hot mess, over dramatic kind of way. I just cry. Happy, sad, disappointed, surprised, moved in pretty much any way possible, and I cry. It's nearly out of my control and happens all the damn time. (Though I did learn a little trick that you should clench your buttcheeks and swallow at the same time and it actually momentarily halts production in your tear ducts. It works but only for a brief moment and at some point, I need to unclench. Sidenote: I really wish I could remember where I heard that.)

So you can imagine the kiss of death when a potential suitor said to me, "Oh so you're a crier?" (Mind you, this was in response to me saying the fender bender and terrible day I had didn't make me angry but did make me cry a bit. So it wasn't a spilt milk situation!)

When I responded yes, the next question was, "Do you cry at movies?" I wanted to respond with, "are you freaking kidding me?! All the time. (That mention of Toy Story 3? Yup, sobbed through the end of that one.) Instead I just said, "Of course."

To which he asked, "Even in the theaters?!" (Toy Story 3 was DEFINITELY viewed in a child filled theater...didn't stop me.) And then followed up with, "I don't know how to deal with people when they cry."

Well, well, well. Quite the predicament you've worked yourself into then potential suitor. As, a) I have LITERALLY just revealed to you how much I cry, and b) don't plan on stopping any time soon, because c) I kind of like crying, oh that, and, I totally dig who I there's that.

After the day I had, there was no way I could even figure out an appropriate response to that. Didn't have time, effort, patience, etc. Now, I realize that there are some people who just don't ever cry and have NO idea what to do with tears. I get that. I also get that I may be a minority because not everyone cries all the time. (My mom does...I get it from her.) BUT, I do. And will. Guaranteed. It will definitely happen in front of the next guy I date. FOR SURE. So, while I'm not asking for Mr. Next Boyfriend to be a crier, I do ask that he be understanding of the fact that I am. I'd even love if he, perhaps, found my over productive tear ducts adorable.

And really, I need very little comforting. No words, just give me a little hug and let me cry (it never lasts long.) Or, take a page out of my dad's book and do his super quick and intense back rub and just repeat, "it'll be okay." Even that works!

**So I went back and was going to link to some past posts about me crying or ho I'm a crier. There's too many. I must talk about crying a lot. I swear I'm not a train wreck!!

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