Friday, June 3, 2011

Double post Friday.

I know, what is she crazy?! No, I'm not (yet). I read Andy's blog over on OnMilwaukee and loved the concept so I'm snagging it (after giving credit) and doing my own version of it.

10 Lies I'll Tell You About This Weekend:

1. I won't go to Target without a list to wander until I find things I need, but never know I did.
2. I will opt for a extra long workout over laying out by the lake on Saturday morning.
3. I will shower at least three times.
4. I will not base my entire flower garden on whatever is cheapest at the Depot.
5. I will not double check my phone for a text message.
6. I will spend zero time at all thinking about boys.
7. I will not spend most of Sunday reminiscing about last weekend and wishing it was on repeat.
8. I will act my age when my nephew wants to go shark hunting in the deep end of the pool. (Subsequently, I will not actually get scared that maybe, just maybe, there is a shark in the deep end.)
9. I will definitely catch all of any NBA action that takes place, it is after all my favorite sport.
10. I will not wear sweatpants / yoga pants in public.

So there ya go. 10 lies about my weekend. I think I like this concept. I'll probably repeat it at some point. FYI.

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