Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What a weekend...

I always have a good time when I head up to the Twin Cities. It was home for four years of my life and is still home to a huge group of very close friends of mine. We had a good weekend planned and I knew it would be just what I needed. However, I never could have imagined it being as awesome as it was.

It started off right as I was able to find a relatively affordable flight and opted for the 45 minute flight over the 5.5 hour solo car ride! The weekend was full of just the right combination of people and activities both planned and unplanned. I knew it was going to be good when the Captain announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen we have landed in Minneapolis" and I started to cry a little bit. I don't think I had any idea just *how* much I needed this trip. Instead of doing full day recaps, I'd like do some bulleting here.

  • I had my first "Official Kick-off to the Season" Summer Shandy. Granted, it snowed on Sunday so it was a little out of place, but still, it means Summer must be close!
  • G and I woke up at 4:45 in the morning to watch the Royal Wedding...and cried.
  • Friday was one of the most relaxing and wonderful days I've had in a while. My wonderful hosts had to work, so I walked around the neighborhood, rented a Rom-Com, worked out, watched the movie, read my book, took the best nap I've had in YEARS, wandered around the neighborhood again, ate lunch, read some more. Then it was time for Girls Night Out/In to officially start!
  • Delicious dinner with girlfriends...in which I used both "Jag Bag" and "M F'er" WAY too much (though not an inappropriate amount of usage, given the topic at hand)
  • More girls joined in as we went back home. There was wine. There was Keystone Light (don't judge, I love me some 'stones.) There was good conversation. It was exactly what I needed.
  • Saturday morning we were up and at 'em for our massage / lunch / pedicure plans. All of that was good. So good. We spent about 10 minutes post-massage pretty much just moaning about how good it was. I love that post-massage euphoric high.
  • Somehow, I walked away from a nice relaxing massage with a bruise about the size of a golf ball on my arm...Only me.
  • I laughed harder on Saturday night than I have in a LONG time. A certain husband of a friend and I had one of the most inappropriate but HILARIOUS conversations I can remember having. My sides hurt from laughing.
Okay, here's where the bullets have to stop. Because Saturday night turned into a shit show like I've never seen and it was the best spontaneous part of the weekend. We had planned on staying out until maybe midnight. We'd have a nice night, few beers and head on home. FALSE. There were beers. There were shots. There was loud conversation and laughing. And somehow, as we were being kicked out at bar close, Gina had the best idea ever for a group of 25+ year olds who have forgotten they are NOT 21. Let's have an A-bar at the Elliott's. No one disagreed. Mostly because she didn't give anyone much choice. We hopped in cabs and were off. It was a whirlwind when we got there. Music was on. Ben decided to class up the A-bar and light a fire in the fireplace. There was catchphrase and pizzas. I recall whiskey being poured. We danced in the kitchen...a lot of dance party in the kitchen.

At 4:00 we were still going strong. A hearty game of F the Dealer...which I haven't played in at least 2 years. All of a sudden 4:30 hit and it was as it the entire house had a conversation without words and we decided it. was. bedtime. Somehow Ben, the man of the house (bless his soul), ended up sleeping on the basement floor. (I know how this happened, and seriously...BLESS HIS SOUL.) We awoke to bodies and beer cans everywhere. The first words I heard after opening my eyes Sunday morning was Ben saying, "I think we threw a Frat party last night."

Sunday was Brunch and piecing together the night before. Absolutely priceless. It couldn't have been planned any better than it turned out. Those are always some of my most favorite memories, the random events that just come together so smoothly to end up being one of those unforgettable nights. We'll tell stories of this weekend for a long time to come.

I have already looked at flights for the rest of the summer. I can't allow weekends like that to keep happening without me there!

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