Monday, May 9, 2011

Just me and my Mommy.

Life is on a roll here people. On a roll. I have had two of the best weekends in my life in a row and honestly there are no signs of the high times slowing down. This is one of my favorite parts of spring / early summer. Life in the Midwest inevitably slows down in the winter. It's cold, it's snowing, it's much more appealing to just snuggle up and stay indoors. Right before we feel the snow coming we try to pack everything in we possibly can, another reason why I love Fall so much. But Spring and early Summer have the slight advantage that the busy weekends full of fun aren't slowing down anytime soon.

I had the incredible weekend in Minnesota. It was exactly what I needed. Felt so great to get away, spend time with friends, drink more than I should, and sleep less than I needed. This weekend I got away again. This time it was just me and my mom. Dad was in Germany on business and would be flying back into Chicago on Sunday morning. So we decided to head down to Chicago for the day / night on Saturday.

We went and saw Next To Normal when we got into town on Saturday afternoon. I have a new favorite musical. Maybe it's because it was created in a similar fashion to Rent. Modern times, "current" music, they say fuck, etc. Maybe it's because it hit so close to home in the topic at hand and I related SO closely to some of the characters. Whatever it was, I LOVED it. Even the very best productions leave me bored at times. I glance at the playbill and calculate how much time is left until intermission. How many songs until the finale is here. I was SAD to see the lights come on at intermission this time; begging for the story to keep on going during the second act. It was incredible. It's touring right now - and I believe heading to St. Paul next, so you MN people need to get your ass to it. It's amazing. Can't speak highly enough about it.

After the show (it was an afternoon matinee) we went and grabbed some dinner and went off on a casual shopping trip. The restaurant had a 69 page wine list featuring over 44,000 bottles. I was in heaven. Shopping turned out to be incredibly successful. I found jeans I loved in store #1. That NEVER happens. In general I despise jean shopping. It was like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants meets Cinderella. I put them on and we both said, "Woah, look at your/my butt." This is NEVER the case. They were like the glass slipper, fit perfectly. And if ever there was a pair of jeans to snag a prince with, it's these.

I found shoes and an adorable hat in store #2. We found lotion we loved in store #3. All of a sudden we had bags upon bags of great finds without even searching for them. I love when shopping happens like that. We went back to the hotel and had more wine.

(Sidebar: I was reminded why I travel with my mother. She had a pretty large suitcase for a one night getaway. It wasn't until she unpacked that I realized why. She had a 2 pound bag of licorice. Pretzels and cheese. Milano cookies. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. A small case of water. And the best of the best? A lunchbox full of mini bottles of Riesling on ice. The woman KNOWS how to travel.)

Sunday we woke up early, got coffee and walked around the Riverwalk downtown until it was time to go and pick up Dad. As we walked we talked and reminisced, observed and commented.

It was the most amazing follow-up to last weekend. As I get older there's less and less time I get to spend just me and my mom. I love the time I spend with my family and there sure is a lot of it. But as time goes on we get significant others and they join in on family fun time. There's grandkids now and while I wouldn't trade my nephew for anything, he steals the show and everyone in the room's attention. But sometimes, a girl just needs some quality time just her and her mommy. I know how fortunate I am to be able to not only have alone time with her but to love it as much as I do.

Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the entire world. If I can be half as amazing as she is as my mom every single day, I'll consider myself a success. Thanks for all you do and all you are, it never goes unnoticed. I love you mom!

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