Friday, May 20, 2011

Just can't hide it.

I'm a planner. It's insanely obvious. Sometimes, with new people, I'm able to suffocate it for a while but eventually it always comes out. I like to know the whats & wheres, the whys and hows, and if I can be part of putting those things together, even better! I love scheduling, agendas, calendars, etc. It makes me somewhat of a freak of nature but it is what it is. One of my favorite parts of college was those two wonderful times a year known as registration. I thrived on putting the puzzle pieces together just so. And I was good at it. For the last 2 years of school while other students were all, "I don't have any classes on Fridays," I was all, "I go to school two days a week." Sure it was jam packed Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I had Monday, Wednesday and Friday completely free. AND, I graduated in 4 years (after changing my major 5 times.) It was a scheduling miracle.

So you can imagine (given my admission of getting my jollies from creating schedules,) how crazy it makes me dealing with people are not planners. Look, I'm not asking that every event come with an agenda (although...shout out to Tori & Gina for the creation of THREE SEPARATE agendas for our upcoming and recently past weekends together...they have LINKS in them. That's how cool we are.) But if you're responsible for coordination of an event, understand there could be a control freak or two on the invite list who desperately likes to know what's going on. Have an idea of a plan. Basic things. When are we leaving? Where are we meeting? Who's going to drive? Are we eating? Who's got the food? I mean I feel like I'm covering some pretty basic topics here!

My natural attraction towards planning probably stems from the fact that growing up, my mom planned EVERYTHING. (She was Mukwonago School District's Volunteer of the Year for goodness sake!) So I always got to know what was coming...I just had to ask my mom. I always knew what we were doing, where we were going and when it was going to happen. I got to know before the other kids. This was like gold to me. (Does anyone else notice how often I try to figure out why I am the way I am? It's always, "This stems from..." or "It's probably because..." I'm kind of annoyed by it. Are you?)

It's probably necessary to point out here though that yesterday, while on the phone with said Volunteer of the Year, bitching about the lack of planning for an upcoming event, she said it might be a good idea if someone sedated me.

So I guess I've taken it a wee bit farther than she ever did. Good to know.

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