Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It happened again.

I had another fantastic weekend in Minneapolis. This is becoming a habit people and it's my favorite addiction. As much as I'm trying to avoid it, my summer is quickly turning into spending 3 weeks between trips to Minneapolis WAITING to get back up there. I've got monthly visits planned and I couldn't smile any bigger about that. Rodeos, concerts, weddings, pub crawls and homecoming. Seriously, if I don't die of excitement before then, my weekend visits are filled with all that wonderfulness.

My hosts are incredible. They make it the most comfortable place I could possibly stay. They have a furry friend who happens to love my room there (I've decided for as often as I'm visiting, I'm calling it "my room.") and visits often. They make delicious coffee before I've even gotten out of bed. We have fires, indoors and out. And at the end of their relaxed Memorial Day BBQ, someone was in the tree and someone else was on the roof. That's just plain fun! Club Elliott lived up to all it had promised from the last trip. And while I swear not every trip will be like that (for Ben's sanity and the integrity of the hard wood floors), I've never laughed so hard at a busted fridge shelf.

My friends make me so happy I could cry. I love my people up there. I haven't gotten to see them all at the same time during either of these trips, but I'm pretty sure if I did, I would explode with happiness. It's probably a good thing our schedules are spacing them out. I just get to spend every weekend that I visit surrounded by such important people in my life. People who have been there for so much of what has made me who I am. People who tell me the truth and love me even when I ignore it. People who will stop to see me when they've had a crazy day and an even crazier wedding day the next. People who will stop by just to go for a walk. People who will sit on a couch and talk about the same damn thing for hours...and then take me to Chipotle. People who will make an impromptu stop at the airport just to make my life easier. People who squeal a little when they get to see me. People who call me the day after they saw me to catch up on what they've missed. Good people. People who make my life so much better just by being in it. People I just love to pieces and feel spoiled rotten about getting to see so much this summer / fall.

And, if I'm being entirely honest (which I might as well be, seeing as practically my entire readership was present this weekend and very often responded with, "I know, I read your blog."), there's a boy. I have no idea where it will go or where it even really is (6 hours puts QUITE the damper on progress), but there is a boy. And I like him. I got to spend time with him too. And I liked it. I'm pretty sure I got butterflies.

So there's that.

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