Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random thoughts

The last few days I've been trying to think of a post...a thought I can expand on. Something worth dedicating an entire post to. I haven't been able to have any thoughts that came out to a post. So instead, you're getting a post full of the short & quick thoughts that have been flying around in my brain.

  • I bought a book that promises to make me more of a bitch and surprisingly the people in my life are quite supportive of this.
  • I thought Bella had a tick this morning and FREAKED. Thankfully my mom, who has coined herself the tickmeister, came to the rescue. It wasn't a tick, but there was blood. I'm still glad she came to help. I don't do blood. Related: Even though it wasn't a tick, I still feel extra itchy today. Gross.
  • I felt pressure to make this third bullet rhyme with the first two. "I bought," "I thought." Turns out, it doesn't. That's okay.
  • I have been talking to an ex from way back in the day who is also going through an unfortunate breakup. It's odd, but totally working for the two of us. We agreed this morning neither of us will ever be offended if plans are broken for a potential date. This is an agreement I can totally get on board with. We've also had a number of exchanges that start or end with "seriously, WTF?"
  • I'm getting VERY excited about my upcoming trip to Minneapolis. It's been a LONG time since I've been up there.
  • Following that weekend, I'm going on a mini-getaway with mom to Chicago. Also very excited about that.
  • Wedding season has officially begun. I have a shower this weekend and got another invite in the mail last night. Single, taken or married, I will ALWAYS love being invited to weddings. I am a total romantic and love a good day full of love and promises!
  • This past weekend I found a new favorite sushi place in Milwaukee. It was delicious and adorable. And even better, I had never been before so it fits the whole "clean slate" phase I'm in. And even better than that, I went with one of my BFF's who I know won't ever break up with me, so far so good, no bad memories at Thai-namite!
  • My weeks have slowed down a little bit in terms of activity. I was going strong at 6 days a week at the gym, the last two have been 3 and 4 consecutively. I know part of it was spending 10 hours a weekend at the volunteer training - which covered two of my normal times to go to the gym. I'm planning on picking it back up this week.

So that's about it for now. Someday soon I promise to have a cohesive thought that is lengthy enough to warrant it's own post.

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  1. I love Thai-Namite! My co-workers and I will hit them up for lunch sometimes and it's always so delicious. Yum!