Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Progression and Digression.

Some days are like roller coasters. I believe this is anticipated with any major change to your life / routine. Especially when said change happens to someone who greatly enjoys consistency and routine and isn't a *huge* fan of change when it's actually taking place. That said, I do think I've adjusted quite well and am making some great progress in these adjustments to what my life is right now. I'm acting like an adult in a lot of ways and being a grown up about decisions and actions.

I'm working out more in the last few months than I probably ever have...ever. It's good, for the most part I am excited about it and I find it a positive way to blow off steam I've gathered throughout the day. This makes me an adult and represents progression because there have been a good handful of times where what I really want to do is punch someone...hard. So, you see, I'm making a big girl decision and redirecting that hostility towards a spin bike. +1 point in the progression column.

Sometimes I want to act like a child. While at my parents house this weekend, I realized my 2 1/2 year old nephew and I have quite a bit in common. No one enjoyed the Easter egg hunt quite as much as the two of us...nor was anyone else still playing with the toys three hours later. After a few hours of playing, both the nephew and I went upstairs for a nap. Mom put out cheese & sausage for the adults and goldfish for Joey. I ate the goldfish crackers. I may have even been a twinge jealous at his juice box. Sometimes I just want to be a kid. -1 in progression, put that +1 in the digression column.

I'm making smarter financial decisions for myself. +1. Until this weekend it had been far too long since I cleaned my house. -1. I'm cooking for myself instead of living on take out. +1. Sometimes "cooking" is a term used loosely. Last night's dinner was egg salad on Triscuits. -1.

So, all in all, I'm pretty much leveling out in a good balance of making forward motion and allowing myself to not give a damn when necessary. Plus at the end of the day, the fact that I have caused ZERO harm to neither physical property nor certain people earns me about +500 points in the progression column. Because some people? Some people deserve some damage. So there's that.

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