Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Power of blogging.

Sometimes I use this blog to document something that happened in my daily life. Something that probably affects zero of my readers, something that hardly affected me. I do it so that a year from now, 5 years from now, hell even 10 years from now, I can read back through my archives and be reminded of that one time we accidentally almost poisoned the cat.

Other times, I'm writing so that others will read it, and hopefully feel something when they do. Yesterday I read Annie's blog and it moved me. Not to write a comment but to send an e-mail from one heart broken girl to another over miles and miles in between. I don't know what happened to her and she doesn't know what happened to me. We didn't have to. This morning I woke up to a wonderful e-mail from Annie, a "stranger" who I have never met before, (though after reading her blog for years now, I feel like I know her). And as Annie said, eloquently as she often does, "even if we haven't met in person, a kind word is a kind word - and this message is life-giving to me." And her e-mail did the same for me. There are a lot of wonderful, amazing people in my life who have given me so very much support in tough times over the last 27 years. I could never be where I am or who I am without those people. But there is something to be said knowing a person miles and states away has been touched by your words, and being touched by theirs in return.

Makes the sadness seem a little bit shared. A little less of the burden on you. And makes this big ol' world feel just a tad bit smaller. That's what we're here for people, to offer a kind word, to comfort each other in tough times, and to wish the best for each other. Stranger or not.

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