Monday, March 7, 2011

Paint on the walls, poison on the floor.

All in all, I should start by saying this weekend ended up to be just fine. As it seems happens often with my family, we started with a normal, well laid out plan of events and made it just a little bit more exciting and entertaining than necessary.

The plan was simple: Mom & Dad were going to come over and help me paint my lower level. Easy enough, right? Dad's a fantastic painter with impeccable skills, has painted 70% of my house already with little to no problems. Well, as I have learned from Furkid #1, nothing is as easy as it sounds when you have precious little fur balls running around.

So, Saturday morning arrived and as planned, Dad would start moving things, taping things and cutting in things while Mom & I went to the Depot to get some paint. That part was rather uneventful. About the only uneventful part of the day. As we arrive home we notice there is something that looks like nothing we've ever seen before where the DVD case used to be. Small, bright green, circular balls of something. Dad mentioned Gracie took a liking to it, was playing with it, rolling in it and possibly eating it. (This is the exact moment Mom questions the safety of leaving the grandkid alone with him. To be fair, he thought it was cat nip.) I call the emergency vet, explain what I see and she says, "Yup, that's rat poison." Excusemewhatdidyoujustsay!?! So she tells me to call poison controls, I do, they say it sounds a lot like poison but usually it's not round, but that I definitely should bring her to the emergency animal hospital in case.

Bring her there. Fast forward about 4 hours of waiting. Because I've never put poison out, I have no idea what kind this is which means the doctor doesn't know what to treat her for. (Interesting fact, there are 3 different kinds of rodent poisoning affecting either the blood, kidneys or brain.) So they pumped her tiny little tummy, fed her some charcoal, took some blood and then made her wake up from her little hazy, drug induced vomit fit so she was awake and alert enough to take home. It was scary for a while when we didn't know if she ate any...and if she did, just how much?

She's okay. We're fairly certain she didn't actually ingest any, just played with it for a while. She did have to go back on Sunday to get more blood work drawn and has to go back tomorrow for the third and final time to make sure her blood shows everything functioning normally. We also believe a mouse transported poison from someone else's house / outside into mine, as I've never put poison out and have emptied the entire room since moving in.

The good news is, Dad felt so guilty about letting my kitten possibly eat poison that he rocked out the painting and the place looks awesome. So much lighter and brighter and more inviting.

We went from this:

To this:
Please ignore the lack of quality in the second photo. The first was from the Realtor before I moved in, the second was taken with my phone, but you get the idea.

All in all, the weekend was great. We have an entertaining story to tell, a gorgeous, updated room, a healthy kitty and the lesson to never leave something in my father's care alone.

(Just kidding Dad, I know you were alone with me that one time and I survived alright!)

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