Monday, March 7, 2011

Just me & my HRM

So I've been wanting (and incessantly researching) a heart rate monitor for a while. And subsequently, talking a LOT about how much I want one, how awesome it would be to have one, how I'd work out ALL the time if only I had a HRM. For my b-day, I got one. I will disclose, I did a ton of research but remember very little of it. I'm a one woman HRM and the only one I see now is my little Polar FT7. Sorry, it's all I know.

*image from Polar

And can I just someone who notoriously over estimates the ability for gadgets to inspire / motivate my ass to move...I was SO right. Seriously. And I intend to explain.

1) My HRM (I'm still working on a name) does not lie. For real. Sometimes when I'm on an elliptical or a treadmill at the gym, those little hand grabbers lie. I do not buy for a single second that my heart rate jumps from 93 to 192 in 3 seconds. Sorry, call me doubtful, I just don't buy it. My HRM attaches to my body at two separate points...CONSTANT CONTACT. It literally always knows what my heart is doing (seriously, sometimes even I don't know that!, but my HRM does).

2) There is no doubting the effectiveness. Some machines at the gym keep a calorie count. Most don't. When I'm doing Spin or weightlifting, there's no way besides the range people tell you. "You'll burn 400-600 calories in spin class". I'm sorry, are you aware we are talking about the difference between an additional beer here? Adding cheese on something? Allowing for a cookie possibly? I need exact measurements, none of this range bullshit. So when I leave the gym, I know EXACTLY how many calories I burned. And quite honestly, that leaves little room for doubting the effectiveness of my work out. The other day, in one hour of a weightlifting class, I burned 637 calories. No joke. So the next day when I'm all, "But really, the gym won't do anything!" My HRM monitor is like, "Sure, if burning off EVERYTHING YOU JUST ATE FOR LUNCH is nothing, then yes, it won't do anything."

3) I get to make Excel spreadsheets full of data and charts and see my progress. Who doesn't like that?! (Oh, wait, really? There's people who don't thrive on that? Huh...)

So basically, all my hopes and dreams were fulfilled by this little guy. And really, even some beyond that (I hadn't even considered the possibility of making charts when I got it). And it really has helped me get and keep my ass in the gym. It's become a little game to me, to see what burns the most and in the least amount of time.

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