Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Furkid #2!

In the midst of the possible poisoning a couple weeks ago, I completely forgot to post that my #2 furkid celebrated her first birthday! (She did so by potentially overdosing, having her stomach pumped and a healthy dose of charcoal for the day...just like any party girl would do!)

For a while when I was a kid I really wanted a kitten. There's a classic family story about the time Angie got her wisdom teeth pulled, got all hopped up on Vicodin and then crawled from bed to the newspaper bin circling the kittens she wanted...and sobbed the whole time. But truthfully I've always just been a dog person. I grew up always having a family dog. I knew dogs and was comfortable with them. Cats are kind of slinky and sneaky. They're like little furry ninjas and that kind of worried me. I mean Bella comes in like a bull in a china shop 24 / 7. You NEVER wonder where Bella is. I can literally hear here downstairs when I'm up in my bedroom. It is impossible for her to sneak up on anyone / anything.

Enter Gracie.

So it was a whole new world for me having a kitten. First of all, I still (a year later) cannot get over how easy the damn things are to "housebreak." Seriously. She just knew where to go. FROM DAY ONE. So +500 cool points for kittens. Also, because I've only ever known dogs and have one to provide and example of animal behavior in my house, she's kind of turned out like a dog. She doesn't have that usual cat "stick up their ass" attitude like she's better than humans. She likes being around people. She's snuggly and she'll come when she's called. She is however, a ninja. Seriously. She sneaks and slinks like nothing I've ever seen. It often perplexes Bella...and me (if I'm being entirely honest).

She's pretty f'n awesome. And she often picks fights with Bella despite being less than half her size. And almost always wins. She's feisty but loving. Sweet but sassy. She fits in quite well with the other females in the house.

And, last weekend, she turned one! I can't believe I've already had her for this long. She fit right in from day one and I'm so happy to have a #2 furkid.

Happy First Birthday Gracie B!

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