Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hellllllo 2011.

Man, could it have been any longer since my last post?! Mom just pointed out that I haven't blogged at all in 2011 and I realized not only has it been 0 blogs so far this year but it's been over a month since the last one.

The more time that passes between posts the more pressure I feel to make the comeback post that much better. But since people are obviously starting to notice, I figure, better something than nothin'. So here goes nothin'.

Holidays were wonderful. Lots of time spent with wonderful people. We got to spend more time with C's family than we ever have in the past and I'm really excited to get to know more of his side of things. His family is wonderful. I felt right at home. We spent Christmas Eve w/ his dad's side of the family. Did the whole mass thing...there were live animals. Lots of them. They took living nativity to another level. There were roosters, sheep, and a camel. A freaking camel walked by me in church. (Now there's something I never anticipated saying). Then went home and watched what it's like when your Christmas celebration includes 8 kids under the age of 16. It was chaos...the perfect opposite to what my family's holiday celebration is like. Makes my holidays feel complete!

Spent Christmas at my parents - perfect as always. Woke up early, got lots of wonderful gifts, gave lots of wonderful gifts. Saw C's mom's side of the family. There was a sing-a-long and discussion of conspiracy theories. Ate dinner back at my fam's side of things and ended up staying the night again and took it easy right through the night on to my birthday. Mom made red velvet cupcakes...they were incredible. We ate a dinner of a menu entirely chosen by me and it was fantastic. Good way to ring in 27.

I'm 27 now. That happened too. Makes me feel MUCH older than 26. For some reason odd numbers sound older than even numbers to me.

Spent the week between Christmas and New Year's off of work. Did a little bit of work but it was the relaxed kind. The "in my pajamas from my bed with lifetime on in the background" kind. I like that kind of work.

Had dinner on New Year's Eve with C's grandparents. Love spending time with them and anticipate this will be a new tradition. Spent New Year's Eve night getting down at the Get Down event at Turner Hall. Strong drinks, old school soul and wonderful company. Thoroughly enjoyed how I rung in 2011. We rang in at midnight...caught the first cab after and were home in sweatpants by 12:30. Ate pizza, watched trashy tv and had a sleepover at a friend's apartment. Perfect.

2011 has been fast. I have to recap the event at work. It was nuts and exhausting and a huge success. After helping to plan an execute a week long event for 600 people, I'm far more confident in my wedding planning abilities. More on that later.

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