Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well, well, well...

Haven't I just fallen off the face of the Earth?!

To be honest, there's been a good handful of times that I've opened a window to start blogging and then couldn't think of anything interesting to say. And I'm over most of the 30ish day things...although I'll keep use them as filler when my mind is empty.

So today I decided I'd force myself to blog. I'm a wordy person and I figured once I started going, I'd think of something to say (the level of interest in what I was saying has no guarantee).

Best thing to do when I'm not sure what to write about? I'll bullet a random list.

  • Christmas is almost here! Although I'm pretty upset that it is now November 11 and it's not only 60 degrees outside (WTF Mom Nature, get your seasons straight), but there is ZERO Christmas music playing on the radio?! I mean, come on! And I don't even feel right pulling up the good ol' Pandora stations because it's SO DAMN WARM outside?! At least the dark when I leave work makes me feel like maybe, just maybe, Christmas is near.
  • C & I had a conversation over dinner last night about what our options would be if our children end up like our dog. (she's naughty and sassy...but REALLY cute!) It was not a normal conversation.
  • Next weekend C & I will be taking a little mini-getaway. And by "mini" I mean we'll be spending a night in Chicago. His Grandparents are taking the family to see the Blue Man Group for his cousin's b-day so we decided to head down a night early and spend some time away...I'm inappropriately excited for this "vacation". (I think that means I need to get away more).
  • I realized yesterday that due to some crafty scheduling and holiday time, this week is the last full week I'll be working until 2011. This is very well timed good news as this is officially the slowest week of my life. Time is creeeeeeeeeping by.
  • I've been trained by my kitten. She meows every morning and wants to be picked up. I realized this morning I'm like Pavlov's dog..she meows and I pick her up, without even thinking about it. I'm telling myself it just means I have good motherly instincts and NOT that I'm a pushover if someone whines (C supports the latter belief).
  • Oh, P.S., our house is still on the that's been pretty sweet. Surprisingly I'm kind of over it - whatever house I'm supposed to live in, I will at some point. Besides, even though this one isn't in the ideal location, it has a super cute kitty and puppy living in it. So there's that! Besides until we have kids of the non-fur variety, it's got plenty of space in it. New goal: Be out of house by the time you get married.
  • I have heard / seen 3 conversations about Menopause so far this week. This is far too many times to hear "the change" by Thursday. I'm far away but damn, people make that sound scary.
I promise I'll be back with some better material shortly.

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