Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have to admit, as much as I get wrapped up in early Christmas spirit, there is something really special about Thanksgiving. I love that in a busy world it makes people stop and think. Think of the things you have, and the things you've given. The people in your life, those still here and those who have touched and left. I enjoy the annual culmination of a year of things to be thankful for. And while I will be the first to admit, it shouldn't just happen around one holiday once a year, I'm glad I have this reminder at the very least.

It hasn't been an easy year for my family, it's been filled with ups and downs. But in the middle of what we've affectionately taken to calling "the shitstorm," we continue to realize that no matter what we've got each other - and that that's worth so much more than many other things we could have.

So while I know I'm a little early, I'm giving my thanks (blog style) so I don't miss the chance to say it when I'm busy in the chaos.

I'm thankful for my family. The nucleus and extended. I'm happy I have parents who function in so many roles it's ridiculous. They're my parents, my role models, my best friends. They have, and continue to, provide for me so much more than a roof over my head for 18 years. I'm happy I have a brother who, in the past couple years, has been both my goofy best friend who makes me laugh uncontrollably and amazing example of a parent. He's taught me more about raising a child than he'll ever know. And then there's said child. It has been absolutely wonderful to have a young kid in the picture. It's pretty damn impossible to not be in a good mood around all that cute.

Happy doesn't do justice to my feelings for what I consider the newest family member. My main squeeze. We are a family just the two of us and I start and finish each day with a smile because of it. Beyond that, he has fit into my family like a puzzle piece I've been trying to find since the day I started dating. He's one of us and I'm over the moon to have him, and to see him have the relationship he does with the rest of the family.

I'm thankful I have two (for the most part) well behaved Furkids. I love coming home to their adorable faces each day. They're my snuggle buddies, my practice children, and for the mean time, my little bundles of joy.

Support means the world to me. It makes me beyond thankful that I have the support of family and friends. I've got some of the best friends the world has to offer and while at this point they're pretty much spread from coast to coast and north to south all over the country, it makes my heart smile to know that in good times and bad I can turn to them and they'll be there no matter their physical location.

I'm happy to have a house. Even though we're trying to sell it. I'm happy we have a house that we can call our own. A house that has provided us years of memories and a place for our family to begin (furkids and all).

I'm happy to have not just "a job" but a job that I enjoy. A job that showcases my strengths and challenges my weaknesses. I'm thankful for a boss that encourages me, trusts me and challenges me to seek ways to improve. I'm happy I have people in this building that have gone from co-workers to true friends. I'm thankful to have an opportunity that allows me to learn every single day.

I'm thankful for so many other things, big and small. But I'm most thankful that no matter what life throws at me, I'm surrounded by love. I'm able to be challenged daily yet not to the point of being without necessities. I'm thankful for the lessons I've been taught by the people around me. Lessons of support, love, kindness and compassion. I'm thankful I wake up every morning and close my eyes every night with a smile.

I'm thankful.

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