Friday, November 19, 2010

Really?! aka the end of the 30ish days

So apparently when I found this 30 posts in 30 (ish) days I was so desperate for blogging topics that I didn't even read through the entire list because everything past about day 5 bugs the hell out of me. So I'm taking the few that don't and I'll answer those.

Also - before I get to that - I realized I was getting stabby that the blogs I follow haven't been updated much lately (don't people realize I like to read my blogs over my morning diet coke?! Do you have better things to do than write for my entertainment?!) Then I realized I have no right being stabby over that when I myself am denying my own 7 followers the wonder of reading my I'm working on it.

So today, I bring you day something of the 30 (ish) days...A photo that is over 10 years old of me. I would like to acknowledge that it only slightly upsets me that a photo from high school could fall into this category. After coaching high school girls for 4 years I realize I'm not entirely sure I want to go back to that time...however, after recapping my own high school career this past weekend with some good friends from that great time, I'm kind of sad it's so far behind me. Good times, good times. I'll leave you with this before the photo, while recapping some of our fondest memories of high school, one of the friends doing the reminiscing was telling a story of a party she was at where she got to hang out w/ a guy she had a large crush on and ended the story with "I listened to Mandy Moore for like a week after that." Pretty much sums up that conversation. I laughed so hard I almost peed. Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

So here's a photo of that time...circa 1998 at pre-homecoming dinner. Damn I rocked some solid bangs for a good number of years. Faces blocked to protect the innocent.

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