Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Igloo.

For anyone who has been to my house in the summer, you know I like my house at a cool 63 degrees. Call me crazy, call me wasteful, that's how I like it and since it's my house, that's how I keep it. Fortunately for me, C is a fellow warm blooded individual so he's cool with it too.

And because of our propensity for generally being warmer than everyone else in any given room, things tend to even themselves out come winter time. As in, last night was a low of 18 degrees and we still had our bedroom window cracked because we were too hot.

We live in a condo that is set up like townhouses. We're share walls on 2 of the 4 sides with other units, meaning we only have 2 outward facing walls exposed to the elements. Because of this our house stays warm for an insanely long time. Yesterday was the first time our thermostat dipped below 63 degrees. It did go down to 57. And we still haven't turned the heat on.

Since last winter our heat has yet to be turned on. For some reason I am holding on to this for far too long. And C has joined my craziness. Due to the holidays he's had off work this week and yesterday he champed out the whole day in the 57 degree house without turning on the heat, despite my acknowledging it was probably about time. But he made it, and when we went to bed we were a little chilly. But like clockwork, after a couple hours of sleeping (with 2 bodies and 2 little furry heating pads in the bed) we were sweating and needed the window cracked. Please, let that 18 degree breeze on in!

I'm kind of thinking I just might be able to make it through November without turning the heat on once. And while for the first 3 weeks of the month, it was because we had incredibly unusual 60 degree weather in November, these next couple weeks might pose more of a challenge.

Regardless of when we do turn on the heat, the vent to our room is never opened and we'll probably crack the window well into January.

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  1. my heat is currently set to 75. and to think we were roomies!