Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hi my name is Angie and I struggle at blogging.

Okay so work has been a little crazy. I'm helping to plan an event for 500+ people in Vegas at the beginning of January. Which is big. But besides that, one of the nights I am solely responsible for a showcase taking place that evening for external vendors. I've been coordinating the event since August but holy crap, things are really picking up with that.

So that's my major excuse for not blogging. I hardly have time to get my real job done besides from this Summit planning...so blogging has fallen by the wayside unfortunately. However, I will say, this task is SO up my alley. I'm having so much fun with it and seeing all the work I've done from August to now come together has been awesome. I can't wait to see it all physically come together at the event. I told the guy who's responsible for putting on the event it's been nice to have something take my mind off fake wedding planning (rather, planning a wedding that isn't real yet). And he responded, "Or maybe it's a terrible idea because now you'll see what it's like to plan an event with a HUGE budget for over 500 people." I think we're safe, I'm not interested in a 500 person wedding in Vegas...but this is fun to come close to it!

On an almost completely unrelated note (relation: weddings) I don't know why but I'm kind of mildly obsessed with Prince William and Kate. It just happened recently, and I believe it's partly because I'm generally obsessed with all things England / London. But I was very excited to hear they're finally engaged...Seems refreshing to have some celebratory news that's worth following in terms of gossip. I'm pretty envious of how put together she looks 24/7. Though I do remind myself that even I could look that put together if I had a Prince's budget to shop on and nothing to do but wait to get engaged. (Press didn't call her Waitie Katie for nothing!) She seems like a nice girl though..so good for them.

Finally - this one really is completely unrelated. Okay, so remember when Britney flashed her business getting out of that car a while back? And then for a while after it, everyone referred to a lady's business as their "Britney?" I was always pretty entertained by that. So you can imagine my enjoyment when, this morning, a local radio DJ referred to a man's business as their "Brett Favre". This brings me happiness for a few reasons. 1) It's funny as hell. 2) I enjoy any correlation we can further use to reinforce the fact that Brett Favre is a dick. 3) It's a good lesson. Kids, if you are famous, and people see your business printed all over every media outlet, your first name WILL become synonymous with private parts. Keep 'em covered.

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