Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Giving Thanks

Creative title, right? Sometimes I get so caught up in Christmas I kind of forget about Thanksgiving. (By sometimes, I pretty much mean, every time.) It's possible, on occasion, I've said, "Thanksgiving is just rehearsal for Christmas". In the past, C has had to work on Thanksgiving (so that he didn't have to on Christmas - thank you big red W). However, since he's left his former place of employment, he has off on ALL holidays this year. I repeat, he will not work a SINGLE holiday. Can I tell you how exciting that is after 2+ years of splitting my holidays with him with the big red W?

However, we have also learned that given the freeing up of his schedule, we'll be juggling some time between families this holiday season, thus making Thanksgiving a bit more of a production and allowing me to spend a little bit more focus and dedication on the holiday instead of thinking of it as Christmas' less awesome little brother.

Quick recap, in terms of holiday celebrations I have one family. A while back (about 15 years ago) we stopped schlepping up to Northern Wisconsin / Upper Michigan for holidays and celebrated with just the Nucleus Nikolas'. My mom is pretty much the best ever at Holidays and made that first Christmas at home so crazy fantastic we never went back. We've been celebrating all holidays as just the Nucleus since then.

(Side Note: To further reiterate how crazy awesome my mom is about holidays - and to provide reason as to why I'm so obsessed w/ Christmas - one year we went to Montana on a ski trip over Christmas. But in order to ensure we didn't feel like it was "less Christmas" since we weren't at home, the woman brought 2 additional suitcases. One with Christmas decorations and another w/ all the necessary tools to make the exact same Christmas dinner she always does. The woman does NOT compromise Christmas.)

So the past 2+ years of holidays, I've been spending them w/ the Nucleus and as soon as C can, he leaves work and heads to the rent's house and we celebrate the rest of our time there. That's it, just the ONE family. AND, last Thanksgiving, mom instituted a strict Sweatpants Only rule for Turkey Day (which was pretty sweet, as that's usually how I celebrated it, but the rest of the family usually sported non-elastic waisted pants).

So, as I was saying, now that C is available ALL DAY LONG on all holidays - his family wants to get in on a piece of the action too. They celebrate Thanksgiving in IL...we celebrate in WI. The distance between two said celebrations is about 2 hours. This Thanksgiving we'll be doing round 1 in IL in the morning, hopping back in the car for a nice Turkey Day Drive and spending round 2 in WI at my parents house. We're planning on completely omitting C's Family Part II who celebrates in Madison, as we are NOT adding another 1.5 hours to our day. I'm already forfeiting elastic waist bands here people, I'm in jeans, cut me some slack!

As we were thinking about it - we realized if we're this hot of a holiday commodity when we don't have children, just imagine how popular we'll be come when people no longer care about us but want to see the little humans we've made on holidays?! There will be no omitting of holiday celebrations allowed.

Then I realized, this is what your late 20's are for (or for Rebecca, your 20's)...figuring out who gets custody on holidays. Who gets the real day? Who settles for the Eve? When can you be here, when can you leave for there? And THIS? This is why my mother begged me to marry an orphan.


  1. Ugh - this is one of the most annoying things about holidays, birthdays, etc. And it is TONS worse now that we have baby girl. Glad you were able to make it work!

  2. We're figuring it out now - but I can only imagine how much harder it is when there's babies involved!