Thursday, November 18, 2010

Catching my attention span.

At some point, my attention span has got to be catchable and I need that point to be now. This entire week my brain has been in Holiday mode. It's the one time of the year where the holidays (and subsequent days off) are so back to back to back that it's hard to get back into work mode in those little blips of days on between them.

I realize we haven't hit the first of said holidays yet, but since about last week Tuesday, my brain, attention span and ability to focus on anything work related has been there.

It should be said, I really enjoy my new job. It offers me challenges, I'm able to partake in meetings and tasks I never had the opportunity to before and I'm really focusing on projects that offer me something different every day. I know how fortunate I am to not only have a job right now, but to have one I really enjoy. So I'm not complaining about having to work. And to further cover myself, I will also point out I am in fact getting work done - so it's not like I'm just sitting at my desk.

However, it has been extremely more difficult to get my brain to quit thinking about holidays and time off and read the damn words on the page. By looking in a 2 foot radius, I can see 4 different "to do" lists. Because this is the only thing that has helped me focus for all of 5 minutes to even remember what work I have to get done. And even when I'm reading these to do lists, in my brain the words are just spinning around in there, mixed with images of turkeys, and elves, and Santa, and presents, and Christmas trees.

So when my to do list says "Send e-mail to follow up with Summit" I really end up getting "Send turkey to Santa to follow up with decorating the tree!" You can imagine how productive that is!

Also - two other holiday things. Mom, in her standard fashion, has fixed the holidays once again. The nucleus will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday so no one is rushing around and we can all spend the whole day there the way we like to. I'm still not convinced this woman is in fact Santa...she's too good at holidays to not consider it.

Secondly - this is the first Christmas I'll have a kitten. While I love that little bobcat (so much more than I ever thought I could like a cat) so help me baby Jesus if she ruins my Christmas tree.

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