Monday, November 29, 2010

Bring on the Christmas.

Thanksgiving was wonderful - everything ended up working out just fine with splitting our time all over the place and we were able to see all the family we wanted to over the course of the weekend. I think we'll be just fine once kids come along (thanks to my obsessive planning far in advanced)...which is good - as Christian promised our nephew either a cousin or a snowman. I've knocked on wood, thrown salt and cleansed the juju around both of us that it will happen AFTER we're married. As I've said before, the pressure is all on me to prove to my parents at least one of us was listening when they sang, "First comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage." (Just kidding, I love my nephew and I'm happy that my brother got it wrong!)

And now, the tree is up, the house is decorated and I'm gathering cookie recipes. I try to keep my excitement for Christmas somewhat under wraps until after Thanksgiving (I know, I said TRY. And seriously? This IS me restraining my love for the season). But now I'm allowed to totally turn it up! Only Christmas music playing in my car. Lights are on at all times when we're home. I'm even contemplating bringing a small tree to work for my desk.

Thanks to Black Friday shopping with mom, I was even able to have presents bought and wrapped to put under the tree immediately after putting it up. That's the first time that has happened. Which means I'm following through on my "plan and budget for gifts" rule for this year! As opposed to years past where the "plan" was grab whatever you can find that they'll like on the 22nd - budgets need not apply.

All in all, great weekend. Back at work today and as of 11:30 I'm feeling like I'm back in the swing of things!

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