Thursday, August 5, 2010


Oh my goodness! Or wickedness! We went last night to see Wicked, the Broadway Play off-broadway traveling here in Milwaukee for the last month or so. (If you live here in Mil-town go see it! Seriously! It's only here for a few more days!)

I've been interested in seeing this for a while now, heard good things from credible sources that it was entertaining. While there's been attempts to see it in the past, it all came together and worked out last night. Honestly, I wasn't pumped for this one. I knew it would be good, and I love Wizard of Oz, and I'm a sucker for a musical with modern music, so I figured I'd enjoy it but I wasn't jumping out of my seat to see it.

Man was I wrong. I loved this show. I enjoyed every minute and with someone who admittedly has a short attention span, this show FLEW by. At no point was I checking the program to see how many songs were left til intermission (even in shows I'm enjoying, I do this...I have a short attention span and a need to know the "plan" at any given moment, it's a flaw, I know). At intermission I actually said, "I'm already sad that this is going to be over soon!"

Music was fantastic - I had heard the popular (ha!) songs before and knew I enjoyed them. Seriously, "Defying Gravity" occasionally comes up on my Glee Cast Radio Station on Pandora (don't judge, anything that plays Lion King, Usher, Boyz II Men, and Broadway - TOTALLY has my attention!). I can't NOT stand a little straighter, walk a little prouder, get a little bit inspired when I hear that song. Just love it. But ALL the music entertained me. There wasn't a song I despised (also rare for a musical - I'm looking at you "Halloween" from RENT).

The costumes were amazing. Save the scare-the-shit-out-of-me random weird puppet men during the Emerald City visit I was intrigued and mesmerized by them all. Okay - the monkeys freaked me out, but I was expecting that. Flying monkeys will do that to you!

The acting was phe-no-min-al! I had heard that the leads in this tour were as strong as you can get to the OG's from Broadway. And a couple times throughout the show I had to remind myself I was not watching Idina and Kristen. They were incredible - both in acting and singing. Just wonderfully amazing. Can't say enough about their talent. They could've carried the show on their own.

Plot entertained me. And given my inability to stay awake / entertained through an entire movie these days, that's a pretty fantastic review.

I kind of want to be more Gaaaaalinda. Including the fabulous leg kick for emphasis. And also - she kind of reminded me of Rebecca with some of her characteristics (not the super annoyingly obnoxious ones, of course). And also - I'm so hijacking hideodius and making it my own.

Finally, RENT has always been my tip top favorite. (judge away Broadway's good). I love the music, the actors pulled me in and kept me there. I wanted to hug Roger, tango with Mark, and occasionally be Mimi, minus the obvious parts). But, this just might take the cake! Or at least tie for certain. And also - to enhance credibility - I have seen a fair number of Broadway Shoes (both classic and modern) giving me a reliable database in which to compare to. (Also also, if Spring Awakening hadn't been painfully uncomfortably graphic at some points it probably would rank a little higher, just sayin'.)*

Go. See. Wicked.

*When Brokeback Mountain came out, I was confident in saying that it made me uncomfortable NOT because of the gay scenes but because they were SUPER graphic and hardcore. I knew I would be JUST as uncomfortable if two straight people were going at it that graphically for an audience. Spring Awakening was when I realized that was a very accurate statement. Also when I realized how thankful I was that it didn't work out for us to see that w/ C's grandparents. Thank you Universe.

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