Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekend Highlights

This past weekend we traveled to Minneapolis. As per usual, it was a fantastic weekend. We packed it full of fun and people and I'm still pretty smiley from it. (Which is extra impressive as this week has proven to be the. longest. week. ever).

Let's bullet this...

  • drive up was rather quick, C drove the whole way - I'm a fan of this.
  • got to see the Elliott's beautiful new home.
  • ate sushi and drank wine with some of my favorite people, while being texted by other of my favorite people wondering where we were. This makes me feel a) like Hollywood and b) loved.
Old Balls Pub Crawl:
  • This happened on Friday but deserves its own heading.
  • A bunch of alumni got dressed up in their beloved Maroon and Gold and stormed a variety of campus bars.
  • We met them about half way through.
  • We caught up quick - first round? Beer and a shot of tequila. We were not wasting time.
  • Christian wore a Minnesota t-shirt and was the cutest damn gopher in the world.
  • Gina and I did more shots. (We never do shots). They were our idea (they're never our idea).
  • I got to see Sukie and how absolutely wonderfully fabulous she looks. (seriously).
  • I got a taste of what hell is like - in the Big 10 Bathrooms (they're in the basement, with no a/c and no air flow whatsoever. It's the only time peeing caused me to break into a sweat).
  • I decided I wish I could clone Ben and take him with me every time I drink as he magically knows when we as a group should be cut off and cuts us off JUST before we realize it - which makes me a happy camper the following morning.
  • Visited the best Target I've ever seen in my life - seriously, it was amazingly beautiful and friendly and wonderful. I fell in love.
  • Got to spend the morning helping Gina get ready for the housewarming party (I love party food and the various preparation).
  • I got to see a whole bunch of my favorite people all in one place.
  • Sukie dished about boys (which made me happy).
  • The Simmons continued to prove their worthiness as one of our favorite married couples ever.
  • Christian played bags with people he knew and some he didn't. This made my heart smile because he's more comfy w/ my MN friends...I love groups meshing together.
  • I got to play with two adorable 10 month old twin boys. I wanted twins. And then I didn't. And then I did.
  • Jake broke a lawn chair and we laughed, a lot. Sukie cried...and then posted it on facebook.
  • We got to go to the Twins Game at the brand spankin' new Target Field. It was gorgeous, I hardly saw any of the game.
  • We went out after wards and it was sweltering. Ben and I had a hilariously truthful conversation about our realization that this was in fact hell. No flames, just painfully hot with no relief whatsoever. Minus the beer.
  • After we got home, The Elliotts and myself planned to go to bed at 1:30, instead we stayed up talking until 3:00 and I loved every late minute of it.
  • Brunch within walking distance of the Elliott's perfect home.
  • Delicious soup, eggcellent omelet and a red velvet cupcake.
  • I slept on the drive home - for almost all of it, loved this.
  • Christian and I got my favorite (unhealthy) road trip snack of yellow Gatorade and combos (I get it almost every time I'm driving more than a couple hours).
  • We had delicious pizza and snuggled with our furkids.
Seriously - it's going down as one of my favorite weekends ever. It was full of so many things I love and that love me back. Can't wait to head back up there and do it all over again.

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