Friday, August 20, 2010

Time flies.

After the past two weeks, I believe it actually may fly. I can't believe it's already August 20?! Although, as I said earlier this week, I am more than okay with summer leaving the stage allowing for fall to make his grand entrance (for those of you who didn't see it last time, spring and summer are shes, fall and winter are hes).
There has just been a whirlwind of things going on and in an effort to keep what little bit of brain power I have left - I'm bulleting through this bad boy.

-Seeing all my cheerleaders pack up and move away to college makes me a bit nostalgic for the good old days of dorm rooms and lecture halls (okay maybe just the dorm room part of it).

-We've made (official) plans to head up to MN for Homecoming this year - which cures the nostalgia pains. (I'm also ecstatic to introduce C to my favorite non-human part of my college experience) Damn, I love me some Homecoming.

-I am actually going to make it to the game this time too! (Tickets are DEFINITELY not $7 anymore!)

-We looked at a house this week. It's a fixer upper...something that both excites and terrifies me. It has some great potential though, so we'll see if it's meant to be our home.

-This also means we'll be putting our house back on the market - this weekend includes carpet cleaning in preparation.

-The last two weekends have involved closet cleaning...we donated 9 bags of old / unused shit in total to my parent's monthly Purple Heart pick up. (It's a good thing we did, my dad was starting to grab stuff my mom uses every day just so they'd have something to donate).

-I spent this week "testing out" a possible new / different position for me within the same company - it's still up in the air and we'll see what happens with it, but I've REALLY enjoyed the projects I was assigned this week and would be pretty happy if it goes through!

That's about it - this weekend on top of carpet cleaning we'll be spending some time with friends at Irish Fest (I've only been once for a couple hours during the day so we'll see what happens at night?!), and Sunday it's my nephew's 2nd birthday so we'll be at his party at my parents. To tide you over until next week, here's an adorable picture of him and his mom, who he strictly refers to as "yea, mama!"

Happy Birthday Joey!

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